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Another Great Doctor's Visit

My wife had an appointment yesterday for a complete physical and had asked me to go with her. We were led to the exam room by the nurse and it started off as normal (weight, temperature, and blood pressure). Then after talking to my wife and making her notes the nurse mentioned that the doctor was training a Physicians Assistant and asked if it was OK if they observed the exam. My wife thought it would be a woman that took her blood a few weeks ago so she told her it was OK. Then the nurse asked my wife to remove her clothes except for panties and said the doctor would be in shortly. My wife knew it was going to be a complete exam so she didn't wear a bra or panties.
After removing her clothing and was now completely nude she sat back down on the exam table and was facing the door. At first she had her legs together but after a few minutes of waiting she relaxed a little and her legs fell apart a little.
After a few moments the doctor entered without knocking and looked straight at my wife sitting there with her arms at her side and her vagina in full view. Behind the doctor was a man in his early thirties and both of them walked right next to my wife. The doctor asked my wife how she was doing and since my wife is a hugger she said fine as she lifted her arms to give him a quick friendly hug. He then introduced his PA (Michael) to my wife and I.
I noticed Michael was a little nervous as the doctor checked my wife's ears, nose and throat. I also noticed the as the doctor checked her one ear he placed his hand on her back then as moved to the other side to check the other ear he laced his hand on her breast.
Then the exam moved to her neck and breasts as her checked her for lumps and checked her nipple to see if it had any drainage. It was then that he showed  the PA how to do a complete breast exam and had him spend a few minutes feeling my wife's breasts and checking her nipple. Then they both listened to her heart before moving down her body to her legs.
After checking her legs the doctor got the stirrups and helped my wife lift her legs into them. The doctor got between her legs and as the PA watched he inserted his finger into my wife's spread *****. As he moved it around I got one hell of a hard-on as my wife looked in my direction and smiled a little. The whole time the doctor had his finger in my wife he was telling Michael what he was feeling for and then he removed his finger and asked Michael to take his place. When Michael inserted his finger I noticed my wife was turned on and even though she tried to hold back, as he moved his finger around he rubbed her g-spot, she had an ******. As she began to shudder both the doctor and Michael had a small smile on their faces.
After Micheal removed his finger Michael took a towel and wiped my wife's vagina off and they helped my wife get out of the stirrups. Then Michael helped her to stand up and as she was a little shaky he put his arm around her.
After the doctor talked to us a little more he gave her a hug as he left and Michael did also although Michael's was a little firmer and longer.

I still can't figure out how I kept from blowing my load as I watched
hammerhead1949 hammerhead1949 61-65, M 10 Responses Feb 2, 2011

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Did the doctors wearing any gloves?

The doctor did have a glove on but the PA first put his finger in then the doctor told him to put on a glove.

Did he forget to wear the gloves or did he do it deliberately?

Made it look like he forgot but I think he did it deliberately. He seemed to be enjoying looking at her naked body during the whole exam

The PA would like to taste his finger after you two were gone, or even *********** too.

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i would love to be in such a situation...

i would love to be in such a situation...

It was a special day

would have probable cummed in my pants also.what a hot wife , did you and her talk about it when you got home >?

Oh yes! Turned into a great **** session ;)

Very erotic story, i too love when my wife was touvhed by the docter in front of me,we too had a simillar experience.i can understand what a turn on it will be for we husbands.

I have had the same experience except the doctor was a young man. It ot pretty hot in that exam room with just the three of us

Would love to hear about it. Have you written a story?

Please share the story, if it was anything like this one, I might ****** reading it. :o)

Very sexy story, I imagine she was already ready and wet before the exam, I mean not wearing a bra and panties, that makes you horny if you know what might happen. I'm sure it did not take long. Very hot!

Wow. You got the 2 for 1 special on that visit. Getting the "green horn" to check out your wife must have been great too.

She prefers that I be there while she is being examined..she says she feels more comfortable then with just the doctor and nurse

That is so sexy. I wish I could watch my wife have an exam with a happy ending. I would love to see pics if you have any.