My Wife Naked In Male Doctor Clinic

Once my wife was having unexplained abdominal pains. We drove to the GP's office. She told him what was going on and he said she would need to get undressed so he could examine her. Take everything off and put on a hospital gown. It was not unexpected, but he was and my wife was very modest. She was very uncomfortable from the pain so we proceeded. He came back in and examined her breasts which are very sensitive and she squirmed as he felt them, especially the nipples. He then put her in the stirrups. He tried several times to insert a speculum, but could not visualize the cervix. I think the term is prolapsed. He told her he would insert his finger in her anus to tilt the cervix up while the spec went in. She was not into the rectal part but relented. He slid it in and messed with the spec for a few minutes. It was still not successful. He said we would need to go into another room with a different table. We did and it was a most unusual table. At the end there was a place for your knees and you bend at the waist and your torso is flat. Once on with her bare *** out there for the room to see, the table was very adjustable and motorized. He pushed buttons and her head tilted toward the floor and her *** toward the ceiling. It was a beautiful thing to watch, her sweet *** up in the air with his finger in it while he finally got the spec in correctly from the rear.
He finished the exam and I think I came in my shorts. It was the hottest exam I have ever seen and she was OK
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2012

my beautiful wife sonali goes to a male doctor for physical examination every quarter where she is totally naked in front of doctor who examines her for about an hour and touches and inspects every part of her body including breasts vagina bums, hips asa hole and all other parts. Many times I accompany her and watch complete examination.

Very erotic story, i too love when my wife was touched and examined by the male doctor in front of me,we too had a simillar experience.i can understand what a turn on it will be for we husbands.

My friend Dr. Subrata examines my wife fully twice thrice an year. He performs full physical at our home when my wife takes off all cloths and is in full nude condition. I enjoy the scene every time.