After Pregnancy Show

This short story happened right after the birth of our son. My wife's name was Sharon, she was a tiny little thing except for being blessed up top.
She weighed 93 pounds the day she conceived and 93 pounds the day she came home from the hospital which was interesting all by itself.

I went in to visit her the next morning after she gave birth. The nurse knew me and even though it was not visiting hours, she told me to go right on back.

They had her in a room with two other women, they had mentioned the night before that it was busy with three women all delivering at the same time. Back then the husbands were left out in the lounge rather than being in the room during a birth.

I walked back and as I passed the sections which all had curtains seperating them, I saw one woman sitting bare breasted feeding her newborn child. She saw me too but showed no reaction at all.

In the last section I found Sharon, she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, a heat lamp shining on her. That was a little bit startling to find her like that. I was being ignored too, there were nurses all around doing stuff.

At one point I glanced over at the other side of the room and there lay the other woman in the exact same situation. She looked up at me, and she honest to God smiled?

Sharon was grinning also, she knew very well how that affected me. About then the Doctor came in, he went to Sharon's side and checked her briefly, told me she was doing great. He patted me on the shoulder and went over to the other woman.

I was sitting visiting with Sharon when in walked another man, he went to the other woman who was still lying there in front of the heat lamp, her legs wide open.

"Oh, ****! That's Bill!" Sharon mumbled.

"Who is Bill?" I asked, I didn't know the guy at all and he was keeping his back to us, being polite I guess.

"He was in my senior class in high school." She said quietly, but he heard her say that. He turned and looked at us, his eyes went right to Sharon's crotch. Then he looked up at her and smiled. There sure as hell was nothing hidden, poor Sharon turned beet red but there was nothing she could do about it.

"Hi, Sharon! Nice to see you...uhh...I mean...." Then he started laughing. He then politely turned his back again, but I could see his wife lying there all splayed out so I took a good look myself.

Fair is fair. I did notice she had several stitches there, Sharon didn't have any at all.

Bill left, telling his wife he had to go to work. He looked at me sitting there in the chair, and just shrugged. I left soon after, by then the other woman had gotten used to me I guess and she seemed to be relaxed about it all, except she would give me a dirty look when I did glance over there.

I was doing my best to not look at her bare beaver but that is pretty hard to do when one is 4 feet away and spread wide open.

Weird in that the hospital would allow that but they did and did not even seem fazed about men coming in and going out because the other guy showed up too. He saw both women, I mean, hard to miss since they were right there, but he went into the section with his own wife. They released Sharon to come home the next day.

I had to know, so I asked her how many men had seen her like that.

"Four counting the Doctor." She laughed at me.

I ran into Bill about two weeks later at a local tavern, we sat and had a beer and chatted.

As I was leaving, he grinned at me.

"Sharon sure has a pretty ******!" He laughed, I could tell the beer had him relaxed.

"You wife has a nice looking one too!" I shot right back.

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Love your story, because that sort of thing does happen all the time at least it used to many years ago. I guess modesty just has to be put aside but still it is especially exciting that your friend got checked out your wives ***** up close and personal.