It Sucked So Many Ways

 Warning : this movie is not worth the time it takes to see it, let alone the extra bucks we paid for 3D...However I would like to comment on the storyline a bit as we need to change our attitude as we explore in real life our home galaxy.

We need to influence people of earth not to act like the explorers/exploiters in Avatar did...this is definetely an anti american movie...I am a w.a.s.p but even I came out hating american ideals... not meaning to display a movie critique but if that mineral (?unobtainium?) floats then no matter what its value per ounce is it is worthless!!! whats with all that camera spinning...trying to make us vomit or trying to pretend the action was cool. Hope there is not a sequel. Also the movie is way too long...

P.S.  I actually wrote to Nasa several times to different departments trying to encourage them to formulate a "Galactic Bill of Rights" before we encounter other life forms and exploit them as was done in this movie. so far not even a reply. Whats the use except for historical records proving that some dissenting voices were ignored, but i encourage all to send Nasa a similar request. What they did to African/American/Asian natives will be repeated in space if the spiritual/social activist/nature lovers don't act in unison.

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why, what were they saying ...I never watched Stargate due to the very weak premise that somehow stargates were thousands of light years apart. fascade asks a good me greed or domination is evil and well other brands of evil may outdo another it boils down to the human conscience demanding equity in all (alien too).

I like the idea of a bill of rights...... I think the *need* for such was deeply explored during the 10 years Stargate aired on our television sets.

Who's to say we won't be on the other side of the stick?<br />
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Do you really think there's a more ignorant, self-focused bunch of critters out there?