All Species Of Life Including Humans Are "earthlings"

I could barely finish watching the video "Earthlings"...the cruelties we humans inflict on other species is beyond anything found in fiction.  I cried and believe me, after belonging to several animalrights/welfare groups and haveing witnessed the atrocities in the name of science, food, and fashion and just to see what it's like to kill exposes...I am ashamed and angry that such suffering has occurred and is still happening.
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Dear katiepope86, Thank you for the feedback...I can't drink that's a start..a gentleman who wrote a book about so-called humane farming and said the first food to stop eating is eggs. so that's out...I don't buy meat..but Meals on Wheels has meat dishes(my cats won't even touch it) so I stick to the vegies and supplements. One meal a day doesn't cut it but that's just the way it is. I'm on disability(about $8,000 a year) and go to a food shelf once amonth(food sucks) and I have 3 cats and a kitten that someone left in a grocery bag on my porch...and they come first. I do wear faux leather shoes from Earth shoes. I feed feral cats and when I can I trap and spay/neuter them. I guess the beauty of the beginning of the film brought home the horror of what is going on with animal suffering. Where do we start and what can we do when these abominations are done on a mass scale? The Impaler

It's really incredible. As far as I'm concerned, there are groups of people: those who don't fully realize, those who do and act, and those who don't care (and I'll never understand this.)<br />
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My advice to you is to look into supporting a vegan lifestyle if you don't already. Sure, it mat be a challenge at first, but it's the only way to stop supporting the events from "Earthlings". I think that documentary is under-rated.. Really goes to show how much easier it is to keep it under wraps.<br />
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I applaud you for your compassion and education. Peace, love.. To all :)