I Allow My Husband To Have Sex With Another Woman ! Its Such A Turn On!!!

Where do I begin lol. This all started in the bedroom while having sex I would ask him which one of my friends he would like to f***? I already knew who he was gonna name first, my best friend. As time went on I would ask him to tell me in detail what he would do to her. It was such a turn on! Well on night we were all wasted and ended up having a 3 some. I have never been so turned on in my life. Watching him lick her ***** and make her *** was so exciting. Here is where I might be weird lol, the next Time we did this I didn't feel the need to watch,I let them go upstairs and they ****** for hours ... I was so wet hearing her moan. When they were done we all laughed about how weird we were and after she left we had the best sex ever!!! To this day we have our little arrangement that only we know about. If she wants to **** him she just sets up a date and he makes sure I'm ok with it..strangely I always am :) this has really brought us closer together .... love it! !!!
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4 Responses Dec 24, 2010

love it! it's the same way i feel...

I am the same. Jealous some time but mainly soooo turned on that I won't give that up. He had a steady girlfriend and I love when he ***** her hard! I love to watch and ********** at the same time.

like you, you are wonderful

Nice. My fantasy is the same. I adore my husband and want him to have all the fun he can handle. Good for you.