Growing Up Without Television

we had to rely entirely on the visual theater of the mind that radio creates so effectively. I can't recall the time of day of the moon landing, but I vividly recall the sounds and mental pictures it created. We sat hunched over the radio and listened as Neil Armstrong made his famous first steps. I miss the theater of radio. Most all of what we listened to was radio theater: The Goons, Taxi, The Creaking Door ( a horror series). Falling asleep after than one was always different. I still get a kick out of listening to stories on The and This American Life. I love watching the radio.
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some being....?

Not really close Monique but I enjoyed the sentiment. xx Les

You two(penguinswon & Monique) should get together! With a shared interest so strong it would be a pity not to.

I'm in the States btw

Sadly, storytelling has become a fading art.<br />
Many thanks to places like The Moth for keeping it alive. What a great program!

ah... smart detective work

informed indeed... I am impressed at your intelligence gathering expertise

Hmmmm...but not the same thing<br />
<br />
They have plenty of audio books to listen to would just be nice to have a week episode

Noddy? Nancy Drew? <br />
Maybe if you check out CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation you can download podcasts of kid's stories

I wish they would bring back a children's series on the radio...<br />
<br />
My kids are used to listening to audio books and other radio programs but it would be lovely to be able to have them look forward to something on the radio every week...

One day, the engineers at the studio played a parody tape of the show called "Squat Calves."<br />
<br />
Anthony Fridjon and Marius Weyers did this completely UN P/C riff... <br />
<br />
Athony Fridjon makes a reference to Hitler. Weyers says, "Hitler's Dead"<br />
Fridjon says, "Oh, I just thought he wasn't talking to me..."<br />
<br />
Weyers: We need to leave now<br />
<br />
Fridjon: I can't sir<br />
<br />
Weyers: Why not<br />
<br />
Fridjon: I am afraid of the dark, sarge. <br />
<br />
Weyers: Who...?<br />
<br />
Fridjon: Sargeant Ndlovu <br />
<br />
Now you know why they wouldn't give me a copy

Oh guys I remember those radio days so well! "They prowl the streets at night ...." Oooh! The Creaking Door was the best I've ever hears, and seen, becuase the pictures they drew were startlingly real! I just wish I could remember the others! X@

how do you know Squad Cars? I used to record at the same studio where Squad Cars was recorded.<br />
They had a mini- foley studio with a square box of gravel that they used to simulate footsteps. On gravel.

and "squad cars".<br />
<br />
this is why I fall asleep during a movie and I still don't miss a thing!!!<br />
<br />