From One Addict To Another...

When I was watching this movie, at first I was tired. The movie didn't reach me. Then I went back to it when I was more aware - and I found I had to go back to the very beginning and watch it all agaian. What caught me were her struggles with drug addiction. I've been there and therefore this was a powerful movie for me to watch.

I need to learn from this movie. Did you see the way she was all hunched over, beginning in her twenties, accentuated in her forties? Drugs used her up, and she aged before her time. I don't want to be like this - but I do hunch over exactly the same way she does! Maybe I need some yoga or something, but mostly I just need to lay off the alcohol.

Why did you relate to this movie? What did you like about it the most?
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Marion Coutillard's performance is simply staggering. She must have channeled Piaf's soul and/or her spirit. For a while I felt almost like a voyeur, secretly spying on Piaf as if I were a fly on her walls. I got over that part but not the feeling that Piaf was either on the screen or in the room. For many years, when someone asked me about my all-time favorite performance I always said, "Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull. After my viewing La Vie En Rose I can only say I am not so sure anymore. <br />
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Cotillard portrayed Piaf as a teen all the way to her dying day. No part of her life was done less perfectly than any other, She was the beautiful teenager with the biggest, most expressive eyes I've ever seen. She was Piaf toward the end of her life, her body having been terrorized by her incessant drinking and morphine use, her back terribly deformed by osteoperosis and still being able to deliver a performance that dazzled the sellout house at the Olympia. <br />
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The portrayal of Piaf is all the more amazing when you consider Coutillard is 11 inches taller than Piaf.

Oh, I didn't know she had arthritis! That would explain a lot. <br />
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My boyfriend is always on me about my posture. He says I look like Edith in the movie. But I'm not that bad. I just need to take some yoga or something. <br />
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Hey, thanks for commenting on my stories, lady! You seem really cool. You're a hiker and you've seen one of the best movies Ii've ever seen. Cheers to you.

Her mother abandoned her and she went to live with her dad's madam mum and then joined her dad in a circus before escaping out on her own at an early age. Wow. I think she had arthritis, which is why she took the drugs and why she ended up hunched over, like my grandmother, who had osteo-arthritis. I loved this movie because she had a strong and unique character, extraordinary really.