Those Were The Days!

Oh, I loved this show!  I should be clear: the 70’s version.  Not the 90’s remake. (Yes, I checked it out.  You know, because I was flipping through the channels....)  The authentic Land of the Lost had dinosaurs  that were moved by hand and sleestaks that basically had zippers on the costumes. (Remember Enid? The smart sleestak who basically wore a gold disco outfit?)
My brother and I watched this show every week (I got him a Land of the Lost t-shirt off of eBay for his birthday a few years ago).  We loved the stones that controlled the weather in the pylons and we were scared of the misty sleestak pit.  Chaka, Dopey, Grumpy, Alice… I’m going to stop before people realize I can name them all.
Yep, 70’s TV…. Take that Jersey Shore!
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Damn you girl! I'd almost forgotten about the Sleestaks!! Now I'm sure to dream about Keeg, Nim, and Shung tonight. (I've had dreams about the portals in various forms many times at various ages.)<br />
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My Brother loved making me scream by chasing me around with toy dinosaurs when I was little -- I remember being fascinated & terrified of them in movies & museums & TV shows, even the unrealistic ones.<br />
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And of course I identified with my namesake Christa (Farrah Emami / Shannon Day), the Jungle Girl.

Hahahah... always glad to bring up memories of the sleestak pit ;-) I think we had the same brother!

I fully sympathise with you - I was sad enough a couple of years ago to but teh entire 3 "LOST IN SPACE" series from the 60's , after watching most of them sold them on e-bay - more fun remembering them than watching them as an adult.

that's a good point! Those shows were so fun

Awww, I never saw it but it sounds like it was awesome!! I sooo can't watch a lot of the Reality TV stuff. I swear they look for the most annoying folks on earth to be on them.....

Oh you'd have liked it Sierra! Especially as a little kid. Dinosaurs, scary monsters, living in a cave... what's not to love??? ;-P

Sounds like I'd like it now!! I might just go look it up!! :D

Ah nostalgia. How it blinds. When reality TV is dead and gone and the rejoicing is a distant memory, a generation will remember it fondly. Scary thought

Nostalgia is wonderful.. lol... If a generation starts remembering reality TV fondly I will set myself on fire.

Buy the gasoline while you can still afford it.

mee too RedRubies - we'll club together for the gasoline!

excellent. discount!

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