Asian Wife With My Coworker

Hi everyone sorry for the very long delay. W have been very busy. Miya actually spent a month in Japan and we were on vacation for two weeks. Since we last posted we met Steve 2 times, and Dawn and John 2 times. LOL Actually Miya met steve both times without me even there. I trust her and she fills me in on everything. With Dawn and John, i was there once. The other time she went over during the day. All the stories were great that she shared. Ok, we had been talking about how exciting it was with steve the first time and we wanted to do it again. I had somebody in mind that i work with that is very quiet, married and loves to talk about good looking women with me. He is just average looking, average build and in his 40s. He had met Miya several times at work social functions and we usually hung out. She liked him and his wife and when i brought his name up, she agreed. She said he seemed really nice and clean and felt comfortable around him. Our plan was to have him over to hang out and Miya would give subtle hints. LOL Ok, I knew his wife was going to NY with friends for a weekend. They were going to see a show on Saturday and going on Friday, so i knew it was perfect. I invited him over, we cooked out, drank some beers and just BS''s on the porch listening to music. Miya was dressed very sexy the whole night. At one point Miya was in the house doing dishes or something and i asked him if he ever did an asian woman.LOL He said no, but he wished he had. He told me how lucky i was. I played dumb and told him that if Miya goes to bed i would show him something but he had to promise not to tell anybody. I told him i had some sexy pictures of Miya and did he want to see. He almost came out of his skin. lol. He said absolutely. He promised he would not say a word. He even told me that he would show me some of his wife. His wife was very cute, but very very shy and never talked. I already told Miya earlier that i would show him some photos. She was ok with it but nervous of course. So i went in and told her to tell us that she is a little tired and would lay down, but he was welcome to stay over since he was alone anyway. Anyway, you could hear the shower running in the bathroom and i ran upstairs to get the pics. I handed Brian an envelope with about 30 or so very sexy photos of Miya. She was either wearing lingerie or was nude. But very provocative posing LOL. His jaw dropped the whole time he was looking. I think every pic he saw, he said DAMN. He said if Miya catches us, she will kill you and tell my wife. I said dont worry, she will not even be mad i bet. He said, not mad? my wife would have a heart attack and leave me LOL. I said that she is pretty open and would not mind if he saw her. Ok, so i went up stairs and told Miya to come back down lol. she came out on porch, in robe, and i told her that Brian has been looking at her sexy pictures. Brian almost **** himself. You should have seen his face. He said, i am so sorry, i didnt mean to do it. We laughed and she said it was ok. I asked Brian if he wanted to see her in person. He said this is getting really weird. I asked him at that point if he wanted to do anything with Miya and i would not tell anybody and Miya would not either. He kept saying no way. he really did not believe us. So Miya opened her robe and showed him and then went and sat next to him. I knew there was no way he would turn it down. Brian is a dog and always talks about hot girls at work. But i know he doesnt do anthing because he is afraid of his wife. Miya started kissing him and they made out for about 5 minutes or so, and she took her robe off. She undid his pants and 5 minutes later, he is banging her on my porch chair right in front of me. WOW. It was so exciting again. He ate her out, she gave him a bj. He slept over and they screwed at least 3 times on Saturday He slept over again Saturday night. They did it again and he left early sunday to get home before wife came home. All in all they had sex 6 times in 2 days. Brian licked every inch of her body. and she did to him as well. I absolutely trust Brian. He would neve tell anybody. He is so quiet about his personal life. Miya was so hot about this last encounter. Brian is not big at all. He is average, but he made her feel very good. He was slurping her so loud. I thought the neighbors would hear. Our plan is for Brian to go over at lunch once in a while. He could never get out alone at night when his wife is there. Brian did bring pics of his wife for me. She has an awesome body and the photos were sexy as hell. She has short blond hair. tiny round ***, shaved, and average boobs. But she is so shy and now when i see her i get turned on even more. Brian said she is a prude though. Miya does not know i saw nude pics of Brians wife. She would be pissed. Anyway, gotta run. i will fill you in on more later.
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I love this story! Dude, we've got to talk!