I Actually Kind of Helped...

My time in New Orleans was spent on the streets.  I begged for change and went dumpster diving and slept in abandoned houses and **** like that.  then i met this guy, man was he great, and we just,  you  know, clicked, and when i was with him, everything was great.  Mostly cause we were on heroine all the time.  I had snorted it a few times before, but he introduced me t shooting.  things changed.  we were high all the time and it felt good.  i even managed to hold down a bar shift on bourbon street, showering and changing at the drop in center.  then one nght my regular dealer was out of town so I scored form this other guy I had seen aroound.  i came home with the little wax papaer package and he got the **** ready.  i wanted to shower first, i told him (we were staying in a hotel a coule nights a week), and as I walked out of the room, I saw him tighten the belt around his forearm (I always shot beween the toes. no tracks).  My shower was short, ****** hotel with barely warm water.  i steped into the room, naked, and looking forward to getting high and just BEING.....he was laying on the floor, which, reall, was not that uncmmon after a fix.  I walked ovr and sat on the bed. And then i noticed the dope was on the floor, and he needle was lying next to his hands, which werent moving..I rolled him over-- there was this white foamy **** cominng out of his mouth and his eyes were all rolled into the back of his head-- he was barely breathing and making these awful choking sounds.  I must have sreamed or something, because all of the sudden the neighbor burst in, wanting to know what was the matter, culd he help.  I held my guy in my arms for a moment, wiped the **** off his face, kissed him, threw ona  pair of jeans and ran before the cops could get there.  I called the hospital the next day, pretending to be his sister, and was told, basically, that by the time the paramedics had gotten there, he had already passed.  They wanted me to ID the body, thinking I was next of kin.  I said okay, hung up the phone, hitchiked out of town and never went back.   not even for jazz fest.
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Wow dude, that's heavy.