I Watched My Dog Get Hit and Dragged By a Car

Yesterday was the most tramatic experience in my life. I was outside when somebody opened the door, and my dog slipped between the doorframe and the persons legs. I didn't have a chance to react, as my eyes were drawn to a truck about 100 feet away. I figured/hoped that the truck would stop or my dog would make it out before the truck (to the park across the street) as she always does, when I heard the most sickening noise(s) in my life. First the thud of my poor chocolate lab getting hit. Then the tires screetching on my dogs skin, with my dog squeeling a sound of pain that just pierced my ears. This happened for about 3 seconds, until the car came to a hault after dragging my dog for nearly 25 feet. My girl was sadly pinned under the wheel of the pickup. She franticly kicked and swayed, until she "ripped free" of the heavy truck. Aarhus happened, she left a huge chunk of skin from her chest and wrapped around her leg. My badly bleeding dog whimpered and screamed as she managed to limp back to the house and into my parents room. She managed to get herself completely under the bed, from the side. Her face was visible along with her badly torn leg after I had thrown the matress and box spring into the hallway. You could see the pain on her face as well as in her frequent whimpers and cries. As I stood there waiting for my mom and the police, I preyed for her life to be taken away if she was in excruciating pain, or would suffer for the rest of her life. We managed to get her into the car, as she loves going for rides, and it was terrible. My kitchen, dining room, and driveway were literally covered with a layer of dripped blood. I viewed the patch of skin (nearly 1 foot by 1 foot) left on the road as we backed up and drove to the vet. As of today (the day after), I know that she is in such pain, that she had to go on a "morphine for dogs" iv. She has had much skin and blood loss, along with significant bone and muscle loss and damage in her front leg. Her skin is the main problem, as the open wound is succeptable to infection and further skin death. The vet says he wants to attach/bend her whole leg up against her body, to allow for a skin graph, which will take 3 weeks. I don't think this is pratical, as she will most likely tear the connection, and also she is a young dog, and limping on 3 legs for a while will be too painful for both me and her. Our bill, currently at $2,400 is expected to go up as we plan not to attach her leg, instead have another surgery. Hopefully I can see my poor dog sometime soon (she has a 99% chance of survival), but I just can't deal with the constant crying and moping around for much longer. The past two days, going on three have been the most painful, and most difficult days to try and get through. Everytime I look at pictures of my dog, and my dog and me, I burst out into tears, asking why?, why me?, why now? I just want my pups back in my arms, as I am starting to cry just thinking about her this second. Please cocoa, stay strong! I love you so much baby!
Biggie23 Biggie23
2 Responses Aug 6, 2009

Thank you so much. I appreciate the support, it really helps me. You are so true, and I am very thankful that she is "ok" and alive.

I'm so sorry that thats happened to you I defiantly feel your pain its so horrible seeing something so tragic. My prayers go out to you and cocoa! I hope the treatment works out and just be happy that shes still alive through it all.