Lightening Strikes Twice

The first dog I ever got was a full bred female German Shepherd. I got her as a gift when I was eight. I loved her so much. We named her "Gorda". She was so smart & lovable. The nicest Dog ever. But when she barked, she looked scary. I loved it when she would stare & tilt her head, you know that way that dogs do. It was too cute. I would always go out & play with her & just spend time with her outside. Then one day when I was around 12, my brother & I went to take ou the trash. He opened the gate & usually she would just stay, but that day another dog caught her attetion. It was a stray that was barking at her from the alley. She ran after him & flew right through the gate doors. By this time we had another dog. A black Lab (Orejon). They both ran out together after the stray & ended up running towards the street. This street is huge w/ a curve & has a little traffic, but when there was traffic, they were fast. I had a bad feeling in my heart & just ran after them. They were on the other side of the street & there was little traffic. All the dogs were just barking in each others faces. We started calling them and the Orejon (black lab) lost interest & started walking back. My Gorda was still there. She noticed that the Orejon was leaving, so I guess thats what she wanted to do. Orejon was already almost in our arms when Gorda just rushed, running as fast as she could to get to us on the other side of the street. A car was coming down the street & it was going so fast I just knew what was going to happen. The truck hit her smashing her with it's two right tires & dragged her  about 20 ft. I saw it all from just across the street. What gets me so mad is that whover hit her didn't even try to miss. They didn't brake, swerve, or honk their horn, & after hearing & feeling that they just kept on going, like nothing. To me it just felt like they sped up & just left like thats what they where trying to do. I was in so much shock. I just started crying. I ran home & told my dad. He & my brother went to go see her & get her. When we left her to get my dad she was breathing but bearly alive. I knew she wasn't going to make it. The car hit her face so hard that her jaw(teeth & everything) was knocked out of her mouth & hanging on by a peace of muscle. I can still see the images in my head. When we went back for her she was shaking & then it was over. I cried so much. I miss her. That was a horrible experience and I was so thankful that I wouldn't have to live through it again...But of course I was wrong...

In 2008 I had just come back from a car show & was in the front yard with my whole family & my kitties. I love cats too. Ava was beautiful. She was a smokey colored cat with white paws & a white chest, & a cute pink nose. She was so adorable, sweet, energetic, & loving. She was always running around & was always so playful. Zona was another cat we had, & Ava's mom. Anyway, we were just in the front yard talking & the cats were playing in the front yard. They started going into the street & they know they weren't supposed to do that. Anyways they started acting out so I decided to put them back in. We put Zona in but Ava was being difficult so we just decided to leave her. These cats are both indoor & outdoor cats & are trained so they know what they're doing. Kind of. Anyway an SUV turned down the street & Ava was on the road. I didn't think anything of it because the car was going slow & she had time to get ou tof the street. But for some reason she didn't move. So I went to the street to go get her. The SUV was nice & waited so that I could get her from the street. I got her & the SUV started to go. She jumped out of my hands & went right for the SUV's tires. I saw her get slowly smashed by both right tires of the SUV less that 3 feet away from me. She cried in pain & so did I. She started flopping around & blood was coming out of her nose mouth & ears. I was just in shock I was crying. I was sad. The car stopped down the road. I was so mad that when it happened I was yelling & flipping of the SUV. At least they stopped. They didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. I felt bad for them too. They saw the cat & waited for me to get her so they really tried to avoid what happened...but it happened...



Gorda & Ava

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Oh my gosh I'm so sorry

oh gosh im so sorry you had these two awful experiences! when you loose a pet you have lost so much more than just a companion. to have actually witnessed it, must have been traumatising.

How sad. I feel for you. <br />
My first dog had her leg run over outside my house although I didn't see it happen. It was a horrible experience, but we got it fixed and she walked with a straight leg for 11 years, at least we had her.<br />
My second dog was almost run over too. Whe was with my son over the road off her lead and then she saw me and ran towards me just as a car was coming. Those few seconds seemed like hours and I was yelling at her to stay. She did slow down slightly and only had a toe crushed. We were very lucky.