Birthday Surprise!

My 21st birthday was approaching and a night out had been arranged. I had been looking forward to this night for a very long time.
I was due to meet my friends and my girlfriend at a local bar where we would have a few drinks, before heading out to some clubs. However, a few hours before we were to meet, my girlfriend text me and told me she couldn't go as she was feeling unwell. She told me to go out anyway and to not let this spoil my night. I offered to go around and look after her and told her that I only wanted to spend the night with her. She refused though and insisted that I go out as planned and have a good time. So I reluctantly accepted this and began getting ready to go out.

When I got to the pub most of my friends were already there. My best friend wasn't there, but he text and told me he would be a little late. So the rest of us began drinking and having a lot of fun. After about an hour we left and started heading for the club. We got to the club and my friends all went inside. But I remembered my girlfriend and felt very guilty about having fun without her, so decided I would go to her house and spend the rest of the night with her.
I didn't text her as I wanted to surprise her. Instead I got a taxi and a few minutes later I was at her house. Stepping out of the taxi I noticed a car which looked very familiar parked outside of my girlfriend's house. I realised it was the car of my best friend.

That's when I remembered that he never showed up and this made me quite suspicious. There was no reason that I could think of as to why he would be at her house. When I got to the door I didn't knock. I let myself in as quietly as possible. As I walked in I could hear some romantic music playing. I slowly walked to the room where it was coming from. I found that the room was empty, but that there was a table with candles and plates which had recently been used. I left this room and headed for the stairs. I continued to walk slowly and quietly.
About halfway up though, I could hear what sounded like my girlfriend moaning. When I got to the room where the noise was coming from, I had a look inside. My girlfriend was lying in bed with her legs wrapped around my friend while he ****** her. She then started moaning his name and told him she was about to ***. After she orgasmed I heard her tell him not to pull out and to *** deep inside her. He asked if she was sure and she said she had never been more sure of anything in her life. After a few more thrusts he stopped and lay still for a while. Then he removed himself from her and lay next to her. She then kissed him and told him she loved him, which he repeated.

When he began to get up, my girlfriend asked where he was going and he told her he had to get ready and go meet me before I got suspicious. She sounded very disappointed but said she understood. He told her he would be back later and they could pick up where they left off. This made her much happier and she said she would be right here waiting for him.
I quickly headed left her house and hid until he had got in his car and left. I then phoned a taxi and headed back to the club. At the club he apologised for being late and wished me a happy birthday. Then he said he hoped I'd had a good day. I couldn't believe he'd say something like that after what I'd just saw. I considered confronting him about it, but thought it better not to.
After all, it might only have been a one night stand and there's no point losing both of them over it.
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I think you are a cuckold and you were happy to see that all. Weren't you ?

he's not cuckold as they derive pleasure from being abused by the wife and her b/friend
he's a candaulist they derive pleasure from showing their wife off to others without her knowing and deriving great pleasure from doing so

you must be the biggest tosser going kick the **** out of your so call friend becouse mate he is not its the biggest no no to **** your buddys wife be hind his back and on his b/day as well what an out and out ****** and **** the **** of as well becouse this is not the first time with them twoshe is not worthy of you
just think back to how many times she asked you not to come round becouse she's feeling ill that should give you some idea of how many times she's ****** with the **** you call your friend
it wont be long before she moves out your life compleatlly and into his permanantly be warned

you got a lot ov **** in you ar you playing with your **** all day i bet you at ******


Keep the friend, lose the girlfriend. She would've broken your heart sooner or later anyway; dump her before she dumps you, and at least keep some dignity. Give the friend another shot though, unless he's completely remorseless when confronted.

What a birthday shocker, I hope everything went well for you later.

Good decision for the wrong reason. Forget it happened and get on with your life. They fooled you once - their fault, fool you twice - you're the fool. kwikfox

Sounds like you are not part of their future plans. If this turns you on that's fine, and for many they like the cheating. Wife or girlfriend swapping or swinging or hotwifing is fine, but these two aren't your friends and don't care about you, if they lied to you. They probably laugh about it which is fine if you like the humiliation. Don't try to salvage these relationship unless you want to play second fiddle or worse to them.