I Dared My Friend To Pee In The Sink

So i was talking my friend Jara and i said yellow makes you sleepy and she said is that why pee makes you sleepy and then we talked about pee for a while. then i dared her to pee in the sink and i would give her $20. She said okay. then we went up to my bathroom and jara took off her skirt and her panties. it was hot out so my ac was on high. jara was really nervous and it was cold in the bathroom. i stared at her. she said i really have to pee stop it. i stared harder. jara said please look away. i said no and i stared harder. then jara started laughing like crazy. her pee started dripping outand she couldnt stop. then there were little spurts and she tried to stop but she drand 3 bottles of water before and had to really pee. then a long hard stream came out.  then she peed for three more minutes straight. when she was done she didnt wipe herself and she didnt put her panties back on, just her skirt. i said why and she said because i still have to pee and we are gonig out so it will bee easy to pee anywhere. she peed twice more while we were out and i had to cover her. the second time she got her skirt wet and everyone noticed. but swhe didnt mind. she said she hopes to do it again soon, peeing in the sink and in public.
peaceyperson12 peaceyperson12
1 Response Aug 10, 2010