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Pre-teen Sleepover Play Mates

When I started school, I began inviting classmates to come over to spend the weekend with me. Daddy encouraged me to have my friends come over all the time. We had a couple of acres that we raised horses in a subdivision of other equestrian lovers. There were trails to ride and all the kids in my first grad class came over to ride at least once, even the boys. It was one of our trail rides that I invited Debbie, to come over to ride with me and daddy. We were going to camp out, it was going to be a real old west experience.

Debbie didn't start first grade until she was almost 9. She was really sick and they thought she might die, but she got remission, I didn't know what that was. I was glad to have another tall girl in class. She was daddies favorite friend for me to have over, she was my favorite too. Debbie was a little taller then me. We were both blonds, having that hair that only children possess so soft and silky. Her figure was a bit more developed then us younger girls. I noticed the little mounds in her shirts at school. I was so glad to get to have her com over and we became best friends.

This is about the first time Debbie came over to spend the weekend. Her mom came over with Debbie bringing her little suitcase. She met daddy and they got on very well. I was glad cause that meant Debbie could come over more. Debbie and I went up to the horse barn. We had four horses. One was a baby horse, a colt. We fed him from a bottle. He was really friendly. I loved him, he was my first love really.

Daddy always insisted I wear skirts and dress like a girl. So I was sitting on a bale of hay and we were playing with the colt. Debbie was looking at me kind of funny, when I figured out she was looking up my skirt. I was still learning how to be coy and only open my legs when I was flashing someone. Then I was flashing everyone. I spread my legs a little wider as if in accident. I leaned over to pick up a piece of tack giving Debbie a great view I hoped.

I looked back over and "caught" her looking up my skirt. Debbie blushed. I said, "Did you see anything you liked?" I hadn't bothered to block her view. I was really enjoying her looking at me. Daddy told me to make it the other girls idea to do anything. So I couldn't start anything with Debbie, it had to be her idea. I know I wanted to do a lot.

Debbie stammered, "Oh, I ah, I just saw you had on some pretty panties, Your 'Hello Kitty' panties are cute." I wanted to rush over and take her in my arms and kiss her that french way daddy taught me. I was hoping she liked secret games. I thought maybe she did want to play secret games with me.

I smiled and tried to blush a little, "What kind of panties do you have on?"

It took a second, but I saw her make up her mind, "Do you think your daddy will come out here?"

"No, he likes talking with your mommy. I think he will be busy until we hear your car start." I closed my legs really slowly.

Debbie was smiling like she just won a blue ribbon. I know my heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to ask her if she knew the secret game. I had to wait, I didn't want her to say later that I started it. I reached down and said, "My leg itches from the hay." I reached down and scratched my leg moving up my thigh.

Debbie asked me, "Can you keep a secret? Do you promise not to tell?"

"I am the world's best secret keeper, you can tell me anything and I promise I wont ever tell." I lied. I had to tell my daddy everything.

We started playing truth or dare. Debbie said, "truth or dare?" I took a dare

" I dare you to take off your panties."

I slowly reached up under my skirt and pulled my silky feeling bikini panties down. I kicked them off my foot towards Debbie.

I didn't ask Truth or Dare,breaking the rules a bit. I dared Debbie to let me take her shirt off. I knew what I wanted to see. The developing mounds under there were alluring to me. Debbie could have been a ******** the seductive way she unbuttoned her blouse. I was transfixed on her belly button. Then as more of her skin began to show, I finally got a glimpse of my friends boobies. She covered herself with her shirt. I said "dare."

We both wanted to see each other naked. I was so glad to know that my new best friend had the same curiosity I did. Soon we were naked, I led Debbie up into the hey loft. I had opened a bale of hay and make a nice little bed, using one of the horse blankets to lay on top of the hay. We sat on the blanket, crossing our legs Indian style facing each other. She was so sexy beautiful. I wanted to stroke my fingers over her. We played for ah hour before sensing it would be better to be dressed to run down to say good-bye to her mommy.

This is a story of how I watched my friend undress, not the story of how I got her to play the secret game. No truth or dare is a secret game but not "The Secret" game. I will write that story later on. There is a lot to tell of the years between first grade and eighth grade. We got to know everything about each other in time. She moved away after eighth grade, we are still friends and she comes over a couple times a year to ride horses and play in the hay loft.

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All these stories are about little kids that's so ****** up!!

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Did you ever tie each other up? While in the barn tie her wrists above her head. Standing next to a pole, arms tied behind your back. Hogtied. Tied spread eagle.

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OMG that was such a HOT story!!!! Would love to share stories of childhood experinces with you. I have loved and "played" with girls since I was 6. Connect with me and we can share
stories and get each other wet!

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