Not In The Cards

A friend of mine has a daughter 17 years younger than me. The 2 of us are really good friends too, both recently losing a partner to Cancer. We help each other out as much as we can. Recently, she wanted to know if I wanted to accompany her to her slo pitch tournament in Ohio. :I said OK: People were waggin' their tongues about us going together and staying in the same room. I told everybody there was no "Hanky Panky" going on, but they believe what they want. Anyhow, our first night in the hotel prooved interesting. She says before we go out to dinner, she wants a shower and dissappears into the bathroom. Imagine my shock 15 minutes later when she walks out of the bathroom naked except for a towel around her head,. I asked her what the hell's going on. She said she left her change of clothes out on the bed and didn't want to put the old ones on again just to go get the new ones,, She asked if it bothered me and I said "not a bit! " Later, when it was bedtime, she announced that she doesn't wear pajamas either and again there's a naked woman in my room. It was great because I also wear my birthday suit to bed so the 2 of us were naked almost all the time wew were in our room, but there was no sex and we still had a good time telling each other about other nude adventures
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2011

It's just one of those things. Life is full of stuff like that. You'll always remember ... and smile.

That will probably never happen because she has a new boyfriend. We will still be good friends though.

In my younger days, I would not have agreed with that, but I like being naked in mixed company and if alone with a naked woman, sex is secondary to enjoying their company.

Believe me, I would be a liar if I said the thought had not crossed my mind, but If we had played "Hide the Weiner", I don't think my buddy would be very happy about it if he ever found out.