The Pleasure Of Watching Women Undress

I like watching women undress because I find the human body much more interesting than the clothes that conceal it. Even if a woman is, for example, just taking off her shoes and socks, I find this enjoyable both because I am about to see her barefoot and also because I empathise with the pleasure she will feel from having nothing on her feet. Because my friends are used to me being naked a lot of the time, few of them are uncomfortable or self-conscious if they undress when I am around, which is a nice position to be in. I did once recently get a bit carried away in the changing room of the gym where I do yoga. I noticed a woman across the room getting undressed and I soon became transfixed by the sudden contrast between her smart grey business suit and her lovely creamy skin, and also because she eventually took off every stitch of clothing she was wearing! She must have sensed my gaze and returned it with a friendly smile and raised eyebrow. I'm ashamed to say I was momentarily taken off guard by eye contact with a stark naked woman I had never met before (I was wearing only my knickers at the time) and ended up flustered and blushing like a green teenage girl!
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I agree with every word of this story & the responses to it. Watching a woman undress is an adventure into the unknown. Although we know the female form & he parts, & can imagine what her body looks like, we really don't know until she takes off her clothes allowing us to see her individuality. Having established that, I also enjoy watching a woman dress. Each woman has her way of putting on a bra. She may stand & slip the bra over her breasts, or she may need to bend over, allowing her breasts fall into the cups, or she may go braless. Even while dressing, a woman is an adventure.

My feelings exactly! Men and women alike - the human form is so beautiful.

i love being undressed by women and drawn and i also love undressing women and drawing them for a naked women is heaven on earth

That is one great story. I must admit that a naked woman is the most beautiful figures found on earth. I love to watch a woman get naked and don't mind at all if a woman and/or with a few of her female friends watch me get naked as well.

I love watching a woman undress.<br />
<br />
Men are matter of fact, zip/zap and they are done.<br />
<br />
Women on the other hand are much slower and deliberate. Furthermore, as each bit of skin is revealed, they do a self inspection.<br />
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Just the thought of seeing this again is arousing!

nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
woman body is a piece of art!!!!

Sounds honest enough, I love the way a woman's body curves and moves her skin an empty canvas leaving nothing and somehow everything to the imagination, I cannot strees enough how much beauty lies in it but I feel every woman needs to ***** down and just spend 24 hours naked in their beauty and see how beautiful they are<br />
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Sincerely, Country

a womans body is goddess!

It's very refreshing to read this story Beth and the dialogue between you and Gentlegirl...<br />
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My experience with having two very good female friends is that they become very comfortable with each other's nudity or just being naked with each other...I've had lesbian as well as straight women friends whom I have experienced this with and each time they just do things that girls do naturally...they tell me it's like a 'sleep over' when they were young girls, etc. <br />
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Taking baths together, helping each other primp, shave each others legs (and other areas) even sleeping over together nude just becomes natural and even being totally nude/naked together becomes just like driving to the mall together...I've showed up many times for morning coffee and both are barefoot to their necks and don't even bother to cover up their bodies telling me that 'no clothes allowed" is their policy if I join them....Dah! <br />
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I love when they become so involved as friends (or lovers) that they just sort of expect and even make fun of me if I don't join them right away, to the point that even my erection doesn't offend them and straight women welcome it...but that's not what this is about...<br />
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I only know that I have found that women have a special bond that men can not understand and sleeping together naked or bathing or nude beaching with a special gf is something I have come to understand just a little and IF you had started a conversation with the woman in the locker room you might have been suprised that you'd have perhaps gained a great friend and campadre (sp probably) tallman60 said, eye contact...if she stayed basicly uncovered and you took off your panties and just started to speak'd have known if it were right?<br />
<br />
Stay Naked but Stay Safe...

For as long as I can remember I have found watching women undress totally mesmerising. Thanks for your story.

I think one way to start to get the courage to do something is to start to talk with the woman you are watching. And make lots of eye contact as you are talking. If there is something there you both will know it and one or both of you may work up the courage to do something about it. And having the connection of talking makes it more intense. Also, just a litttle light touching, like on her arm or something to emphasize a point can be very intense as well. I hope you enjoy yourself!

Although I sense that our interests may differ somewhat, I agree that it is very pleasant to watch a lady undress. Likewise, I think that is is pleasurable to be watched undressing.