Teenage Sleepovers

When I was younger I would always have a friend sleep over on the weekend. This is probably when I realized i was different than my friends. I couldnt wait for bed time so i could see my friends in their undies. I would physically get excited at the site of my friends. But all my friends wanted to talk about boys.
I wanted to cuddle with them in my bed.
When I got into my late teens physical education was my favorite subject because we would have to take showers afterwards. Then change back into our street clothes. I have seen just about all my classmates naked. They didnt think about it at all but it was all I could think about.
I finally did make it with a friend at school. My first sexual experience with another person. I was in love.
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I totally respect a women's desire.s ... good stories and good for you ! Enjoy your journey in Life young Lady... seems like you have it all together ! Bon voyage !!!

I used to love the communal showers and sleep overs at my friends , I had one 'special' friend whom I would sleepover with regularly we would 'play' with each other and romp with put panties on till we both orgasamed , we never spoke about what we did it would just happen, unfortunately it came to an end when we got boy friends and we never got to fully explore:-(

Awwww wanna find out what your missing


I can remember similar excitement at seeing my friends naked or partly dressed - it eventually became a bit of an obsession. LIke you I just wanted someone to cuddle and snuggle up to. They used to laugh it away as soppiness on my part, but I found not being able to express my true feelings very painful and frustrating.