Love When Wife Undresses In Front of Friends

I always love it when my wife will change clothes in front of a friend. Although she is nonchalant about it, she knows which ones really like to look at her. One of her friends loves to walk into the bathroom while she's in the tub. For another friend, she stood and ironed clothing for an hour naked. Recently, her friend told me that she watched her change the sheets on her bed in the nude. She said it was beautiful -- almost like she was posing.

RMutt RMutt
46-50, M
2 Responses Aug 19, 2009

It is rare and unpredictable. Typically she is very modest, but she will surprise me at times. Many of the situations (that I know about) have been revealed to me by her friend. I must admit that I do not know what she may be doing when I am elsewhere.

She did in college and I am encouraging to pose for a friend, at least in a body suit!