Undressing With Family And Friends At The Campground

My wife and I, my sister and her husband, his sister, her female friend, and the friend's boyfriend (7 in total) rented a secluded lakeside cabin for a four-day weekend.  Upon arrival at the office, we learned that the cabin we had rented had suffered a pipe leak the night before, and was uninhabitable. We were offered a "more primitive" cabin at a much lower rate. Since we had driven all those hours, we took it.

The location was perfect, right on the lake.  The cabin turned out to be one large room with a kitchen, and four bunk beds.  There was a two-person outhouse with a missing door.  No privacy.

Well, I had shared an apartment with my sister for a few years.  Although we had never seen each other naked before sharing the apartment, it became a matter of convenience to put all modesty aside (no sex or anything like that).  I looked around at the four girls, and suddenly thought I would really like to see them naked.  One was a beautiful blond with full breasts, and a brunette with tiny breasts.  And my wife and sister, both very attractive.

The girls needs to use the bathroom, so the out house was put into use, but the guys kept our distance.  The girls reported that the out house was barely usable.  We would be peeing outside.

We decided that we really wanted to stay.  This meant we would have to be undressed together. We decided to "take the plunge" after dinner.

We all sat on benches, trying to figure out how to do this. We agreed on a few ground rules. No comments, no staring, but looking is certainly OK.  No touching.  If erections happen, they happen.  No comments.

We started to ***** slowly. Since my sister and were comfortable being nude together, we sort of took the lead. I removed my shirt, then my pants.  She did the same.  The other guys followed.  The girl with small breasts and my wife seemed to have no issue.  The girl with big breasts, my wife's husband's sister, was a little reluctant.  Apparently, she had never been undressed with her brother.  I then pulled down my underwear, and my sister followed, then quickly removed her bra. The other guy removed his pants, and became semi-erect.  My sister's husband then undressed. The small-breasted girl removed her bra, then her panties.  Finally, the big-breasted girl undressed.  We began to talk and move around.

After a while, we were uninhibited.  From time to time, all the males got erections, but the girls did not comment.  The outside became our bathroom, and the lake our bathtub.  After a while, the no touching rule was waived in the lake.  Nothing provocative, but touching happens during water fun.  I think the small-breasted girl deliberately swam against my penis, though.  That got a quick and obvious erection, but only the small-breasted girl saw it.  I thought of “accidentally” running into her breasts while swimming, just to see what such large breasts felt like.  But she beat me to it, surfacing right in front of me.  Again, she was the only one who saw my erection.

We designated a specific area as the bathroom.  We didn’t want to run into any surprises while walking.  It was semi-secluded, although one often had company there, often of the opposite sex.

Of course, we were not undressed all of the time, just as it was necessary. Of course, we swam in the nude, and got ready for bed together.  We went to private parts of the woods for sex with our partners.  But they were not so private.  My sister stumbled onto me less than a minute after ******.  And I ran into her in our bathroom area, and there was definite evidence of recent sex on her body.

Over the course of the next few days, some interesting situations developed. For example. we were swimming, and I needed to use the "bathroom".  The small breasted girl said she also needed to go, so we walked together. It was very odd talking to a naked girl, then peeing, then talking again.

I am sure all of this will not happen again.  I now have kids, as does my sister. Of course, she has no issued breast-feeding when I am there.  But I wonder what adventures my kids will have in the future.

PS.  My wife has another sister, and I also saw her naked on multiple occasions.  The stories are posted in the “Have seen my sister in law nude” group.

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6 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Sounds like a great way to spend a vacation. I wish my family wasn't so uptight about nudity.

Lucky dogggg! Way to go.

once you have your clothes off you forget about everything, it's liberating but not usually erotic

It always amazes me on how quickly we can become comfortable and at ease with nudity...yes, it can be exciting and sexy, but also natural and normal....it sounds like you had a great time. i can see your family and your sister's family start sharing nude vacations together..that way, the kids will grow up used to their bodies and confident with them.

HI. It looks like I am not the only one who found a campground less than what was advertised. I think I had more fun with the less-than-expected facilities. Sounds like you guys got a little wild.

You're the luckiest guy on earth!