Peeing With A Friend In An Outhouse

I’m new here.  I guess this is the right place for this story.

Last summer, a group of us decided to go on a camping trip during the summer between high school and college (three girls, three boys, all honor students, none sexually involved with each other).  We figured we were smart, and could plan it all out.  We got a tent that slept eight, found a camp site, and made a reservation.  We did our Internet research, and brought everything we thought we needed.

Before we go, my friend tells me not to wear a bra camping.  She said bugs could get in it, and the best attire is a loose tank top.  I have a small chest.  No bra, loose tank top, I lean over, and I might as well be topless.  I am sure the guys got a little bit of a show as the car was being loaded.  Not to much so see in the 32A world.  But I was a high school graduate, and didn’t care.

We brought plenty of bottled water, and I consumed two bottles on the way to the camp ground.  I am not a big girl, and the air-conditioning was on in the car.  Needless to say, I needed to pee quite desperately.

We arrived at the campground in two cars and ours was the second.  I really needed to pee.  It took 20 more minutes to get to the camp site.  I immediately looked for the bathroom.  There was only an outhouse.  Well, beggars can’t be choosers, so off I go to the outhouse.  I went right in, and was surprised to find one of the guys we went with already peeing.  I said “I’m sorry, I really have to pee so badly.”  He said, “As do I, please don’t let me stop you.”

It was then that I noticed that this was a two-hole outhouse.  (Can anyone tell me why there are two holes in an outhouse?)  I realized that I was not going to be able to wait.  Since I couldn’t wait, I pulled down my shorts and panties, and sat down (no way to squat).  It was then that I realized that he was wearing a bathing suit, which he had pulled down to pee.  So, everything was quite exposed. 

OK, here we are in this small outhouse.  I am sitting there, and I am sure that he has an excellent view of my naked vagina.  And, I am sure that my breasts are visible because of my choice to wear a loose tank top.  I am only six inches from his penis where I am sitting.  Quite a view for both of us.  What a way to start a trip.

I could see he was checking out my newly exposed body parts, and I returned the favor.  We chatted (how weird), and stayed in that outhouse undressed longer than we both had to.  Both of us had gotten a little education that day.  Well, we saw each other undressed a few more times that trip.  It turned out that modesty was not an option on this camping trip.  The trip was great fun.

I have great memories of the trip, and decided to post some of the stories.  (I am a communications major, so I have to be able to write.)  Look for more stories from that trip.

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32A is perfect for downblouse and nipple peek and it is very sexy, when you bend your bra gets a little loose in the right places and shows your areolas and your full nipple sometimes... I love it <br />
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I have been in a nude beach for a couple of times and the diverse people is fantastic, all body types and body sizes... a girl with your type of body would be so arousing there... and for you I guess if you enjoyed the learning experience of your friend peing next to you you would probably enjoy the cathalog of diferent penis sizes and teh non threatening situation of a nude beach... it is very natural as I came to learn the first time... I was so blushed... lol<br />
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kisses<br />

Being nude at a nude beach is one experience I don't plan on having. I am very comfortable in my clothes.

Never say never. Its nice experience (at least you avoid sunburning :-) )

Aimee: I look forward to more posts from your trip. As I think most people who have gone nude on a nude beach will tell you, it is a great experience. The only thing harder than undressing is persuading yourself to put your clothes back on when it is time to leave.

A just read your story. Does this sort of thing happen at campgrounds often? Also, anyone know why there would be a two-seat outhouse?<br />
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You are right about the conversation. It makes a potentially awkward situation friendly.

I am very comfortable with my appearance. I am very comfortable with the situations that I was exposed to members of the opposite sex being less than completely dressed. But it has all been people that I had relationships with (and not sexual relationships for you perverts out there). These were people that I knew, and with whom I shared some measure of trust. And all the situations were part of my normal day-to-day life. I have no interest in being on a nude beach with anonymous people.

otagator: Yes all men have the same parts, and all women have the same parts. Just in different sizes and shapes. What differs is what is in their head.

hammerhead1949 : I am sure that I would be permitted on a nude beach. And I am sure that I would be wearing a bathing suit.

Hey IndyNudist,<br />
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It sounds like you get more exposed in public than I ever will. This camping trip, and the coed baths at college, are the limit of my exposure. I just cannot ever imagine being on a beach with a whole bunch of naked people. Not my thing.<br />
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Besides, from browsing this site it seems like all the girls at nude beaches have big breasts. I'm 32A on a good day. I doubt I would get a second look. Would I even be permitted on a nude beach? lol.

I have been in very similar situations. It shaped my attitude toward nudity.

Not as weird as you would think. The chatting made it more comfortable. If we had been together in another situation, we would have chatted. Otherwise, what do you do? I didn't want to just sit there and watch his penis and do nothing else. If you are ever in the same situation, talk.