Today In Class

So, today when I was in the middle of science, I take it with my best friend, and heard her groan. "What's wrong?" I whispered to her. "I have to pee REALLY badly!" She whisper-shouted. "Ask the Mr. Wright if you can use the bathroom then" "Okay, Mr. Wright, can I use the restroom?" "No, not right now." She groaned again and then she put her head on her desk. About 10 minutes later I heard something that sounded like water hitting the ground. "CRAP!!!" My friend shouted as the pee started squirting out of her vagina and onto the floor. I noticed that I started to have to pee a bit, but I couldn't go because my friend was still peeing herself. I saw a smile creep onto her lips, and I knew she was enjoying it. After about a minute she stopped peeing and her pants were completly soaked. There was also pee everywhere around her desk. Mr. Wright made my friend clean herself up in the bathroom. Now I realised I really had to pee. I thought, hey, there's already pee everywhere arround here...why not join the fun? I started to pee myself. The feeling was amazing.
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Nice, my kind of school girls.