My Friends Had Beautiful Sex In Front Of Me

I was invited over to my friends house one night to have a drink and celebrate his new job position. Her name was Helen and his Joe. Joe and I go back along way and I was invited to their wedding. She is a beautiful creature and I would love to see her in the nude          and Joe knows I feel that way. We were sitting on the couch talking and drinking and I was looking at Helen's legs sticking out from under her dress. They were so smooth and soft looking. Her dress hem just barely covered her panties and her legs were somewhat apart. She was sitting between us and I could feel the heat from her body. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch her thigh and slip my hand all the way to her honey pot, but resisted. Just then Joe looked at me and said," Nice looking legs huh,Pete"? A little embarressed I managed to nod and squeek out a yes. Helen looked at me and asked,"would you like to feel them and run your hand up and down my thigh"? Oh man, my heart jumped up in my throat and I couldn't speak, and there was great evidence in my jeans that I wanted nothing but that. She took my hand and placed it on her thigh and the softness and smoothness of her skin swept me off to never never land. Joe looked at me and grinned as he said," go ahead Pete, I know how you feel about her, feel her out". My hand was trembling but I managed to run my hand back and forth on her thigh and a couple times touched her panties which were wet with precum.

Joe seeing how nervous I was picked Helen up and removed her from the couch. He stood her right in front of me about 6ft away and said,"I know you want to see her in the nude, cause I've noticed how you look at her in that special way, and I've seen your **** get hard in your pants after you do so". "Well my friend, I want you to observe for yourself, cause you are a good friend and I want to share". She was wearing a bright red filmy type short dress and cream colored low heal shoes. He unzipped the back of the dress and looked over at me and asked," can you help me with this dress, it is one of her favorites and I don't want to wrinkle it"? We removed it from her shoulders and lowered it then she stepped out of it. Now she stood before us in a matching cream bra and panty set and shoes to match. I almost creamed my jeans just looking. Looking at my crotch , Joe said," I can see you approve of her beauty already, would you like to remove her bra"? I didn't say a thing, I just simply moved around in back of her and undid the bra. I stepped to the side of her when she shrugged her shoulders and watched the bra fall to the floor. Man, she had the nicest pair of ******* I've ever seen. They were full but not real large and perky nipples that were ready to be sucked. "Well don't just stand there Pete, I think she wants you to taste her nipples". They were great I sucked each one about 2 minutes. Then Joe asked me to sit back on the couch. He kneeled on the floor and removed her shoes, then her pantyhose, and finally her panties. She was now in a state that I always wanted to see her in, completely nude, and I was not disapointed in the least. She was like a goddess. If she would have reached over and touched my **** I would have filled my jeans.

Now it was her turn to undress him. This should be interesting. She pealed off his shirt, then undid his belt, then bent over and removed his shoes and socks. "Pete could you help me remove his trousers,please"? As we pulled down his pants I saw the outline of his already hard **** and a trace of precum in his shorts". This was a real turn on, just knowing my friends would soon be nude in front of me. My heart was definately racing at a high rate of speed. As she lowered his shorts I saw a magnificant **** uncut and the cockhead was hiding in the foreskin. I gasped and she heard me. "You like Pete, how about pulling up on his foreskin and exposing the head for me"? I got up off the couch and walked over to my friend and gently grabbed his **** and pealed the fore skin back so his cockhead was showing. It was so great looking, I felt my knees weakening and almost dropped to the floor and started sucking it my self. Then Helen brought me outta my trance and told me to go sit down and watch.

She licked the precum from his cockhead and licked the inner skin clean, then gently sucked the cockhead into her mouth. She didn't suck long and Joe was shooting his load down her throat. It was so cool sitting here watching their passion for one another. Joe then kissed her lips and I could tell she let him taste his own cream. He then bent a little and sucked her breasts till she was panting and asking him to take her now in front of me. He lowered her to the floor and set her up on her hands and knees and entered her from behind doggie style, So I could watch his **** slide in and out of her *****. It was great. It wasn't long and she went into massive *******.

They lay on the floor a bit then Joe asked," well what do you think Pete"? "Wow that was great but I think you need mr to clean both of you up". They agreed and without removing a bit of clothing I went to Joe and proceded to lick and suck his **** clean, then went to Helen and licked their juices from her and ate her ***** to yet another ******. What a great time and what a couple of good friends.

I wish this story was true but it is only a fictional story about a couple that I would love to be involved with. I have seen nude pictures of Helen and Joe and they both have sexy and beautiful bodies. By the way the names were changed to protect the sexy ones. She has a very great looking body and Joe is uncut and has a great looking ****, especially when it is half hidden in his foreskin. Hope you enjoyed the story and if you played with yourself while reading it I hope you didn't get anything on your computer. Sleep tite

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pete you are my kind of guy

great writting dude A+ on that! i wish this was true and i was joe

Thank you, Celebr8ionmoi and Gideonwilson. I appreciate your coments. Yes I do have a pretty good imagination but I have been with quite a few singles, both men and women and a few couples and it has helpeded me to write some stuff. I don;t know everything but I do know quite a bit on how to turn a woman and or a man on.

Wow awsome fantasy!

great imagination.. Thanks 4 sharing. x

Thank you hzlntkofee. I'm glad you liked it. I have some more that are real and true, and I have more to write when I get a chance. I've had quite a few exotic massages in my time and other encounters. I like your picture there, quite sexy.

Pete,<br />
<br />
Great writing.

This is the picture that brought this story to life. She is in my circle of friends and there is a picture of her in their profile. Just looking at her picture turns me into a hot,passonate,sex driven guy. There is a picture of her by a staircase and she is leaning up against a corner wall. She has a shaw on her shoulders hiding her beautiful pert breast with lovely suckable nipples. Her smooth fresh *** is exposed and hints a message of comeon lets play. It is one hot picture. I would love to walk up behind her in the nude and brush my body against her smooth soft flesh. Then bury my **** into her *** crack and let my **** head try to search out her sweet *****. It would be great to brush the head of my **** against her ***** lips from behind. Then as my **** is nudging her ***** I would slowly take the shaw away and gently massage both of those wonderful *******. Those nipples are so succulant. I would escort her to the stairs and have her bend over so I could penetrate those wet ***** lips, and watch my **** slip in and out of her sex hole. After I've taken her to ****** I'd lick and suck her ***** clean of our juices. Then I would watch her as she sucked the remainder of cream from my **** and clean the juices from my shaft. Every time I look at that picture I get that vision of having this sex with her. She is a Goddess.