True Story Of Our Friends Older Sister Stripping For Us When We Were Kids

A true story about something that happened to me when I was a kid – it never left me and girls being ******** or stripping in front of others, particularly when they don’t really want to, still colours lots of my stories today. The summer of 1973 I turned 13. Up until the July of that year I’d never seen a girl naked in real life. I’d kissed a few girls’ of my own age and managed to touch a few boobs but nothing more than that.

One of the boys in our gang, who was a bit of a bully in all honesty, from my class at school, had a stepsister, Kate, who went to the technical college in the next town. She was quite pretty and tall and was about 18 or 19. One Saturday afternoon, it was really warm and sunny. Our gang (six of us) was walking along the riverbank just outside of town when we met Kate and her friend. Tim said something like “watch this” and ran up to them. With all of us watching intently he grabbed his sister and wrestled her down onto the grass. She was shouting and yelling at him, but laughing a bit too. Anyway her friend did nothing to help her. Tim told her he was going to show us all her ****. She struggled even more and was shrieking and kicking but he just sat on top of her and started pulling her shirt out of the waistband of her jeans. To our absolute amazement he got her shirt right up and then pulled her bra up too! Her boobs were wobbling about like crazy. They were quite big and we all got a really good look at her bright red nipples. Once they were on show she sort of calmed down and begged him to stop but he just laughed. To be honest we were all really worried we’d get into trouble if he didn’t stop, so we wandered away but still watched what was happening from a safe distance. Bit cowardly on our parts but we were really worried that someone might come along and see what was going on. Needless to say I was rock hard inside my pants! There was a bit more squealing and then he actually sucked on one of her nipples before letting her go. She got up all red faced and yelling at him but he just kept laughing.

One morning a few weeks later Mark, my best friend, and I were round at Tim’s in his bedroom looking at his collection of tanks. We all collected and coveted the best Airfix kits and we all had collections of tiny soldiers. I remember that the pictures on the boxes were always much better than the finished models that we managed to produce! It was always far too fiddly to paint the things. Tim’s house was in a row of tall Victorian town houses, each with three floors and a cellar. His mum yelled up that she was going out to the shops, there was some pork pies in the fridge and that she’d be back by teatime. The next hour or so remains one of my most vivid memories. It’s all still crystal clear to this day. The front door slammed and Tim immediately called up the stairs to his sister to come down. Mark and I didn’t even know she was at home.

A few minutes later the door opened and Kate walked in. My heart was thumping in my chest and no doubt Mark’s was too. Tim was just grinning at us both like an idiot. His sister was wearing a thin summer dress, tiny red checked pattern, with buttons down the front and sandals, the sort with big cork soles. Her cheeks were bright red, even redder than her dress. She didn’t look at any of us, just kept looking at the floor. I couldn’t help noticing how big her boobs looked. They were really pushing the front of her dress out, and my mind was full of what her red nipples had looked like a few weeks earlier. I crossed my legs to try and hide my stiff ****. Mark and I had no idea what was going on or how the dynamic between Tim and his stepsister worked but at that moment neither of us cared. We discussed it later and Mark said he’d felt exactly as I had - amazed and worried and excited - all at the same time.

“You’re going to show my friends your **** aren’t you Kate?”

I was feeling incredibly hot and my **** was almost hurting it was so hard. Her face tuned even redder and she pleaded with her little brother.

“Please don’t make me” but he was having none of it.

“Take your dress off.” And to my and Marks’ absolute incredulity her hands went to the buttons and started to undo them. I was holding my breath when Tim turned to us and said that we’d better never tell anyone and we both nodded our heads frantically. It didn’t take long for all of the buttons to be undone. I could see the front of Kate’s white knickers and her bra through the gap in the front of her dress.

“Well take it off then.” I could see that she was trembling all over but she did as her brother told her. She opened it and slid it down her arms before throwing it onto the end of the bed. Now she was stood in front of us in just her bra and knickers and sandals. One arm was across her boobs, which were bulging almost out of the bra cups, lovely soft looking curves that made my hard-on throb, and the other hand was held in front of her knickers. I was beside myself with excitement.

“Please,” she said very quietly, “please.” Tim just grinned at us again.

“Show them,” was all he said. With her face growing redder by the second, the colour seemed to be spreading down her neck, she reached behind and unhooked her bra. Before it could slip off she brought her arms together in front of her so it was held against her front, the straps dangling down.

“Well go on, hands at your sides.” With a sob she took it off completely and it joined the dress on the bed. Only a few inches in front of me was my first pair of “proper” ****. They were big and round and looked heavy, swaying and wobbling as Kate tried her best to keep still, no doubt because three pairs of boys eyes were roaming all over her exposed charms. Her nipples were red and stiff and sticking straight out and much bigger than I remembered them. But this time of course they were right in front of me! So close in fact that I could have reached out and touched them! I was starting to feel a bit dizzy before I realised that I was still holding my breath!

“Do you want to show them your *****?” Tim’s voice was teasing as Kate started to shake her head which made her boobs judder and swing delightfully.
“Noooooooooo Tim don’t make me, please!” Mark and I looked at each other. OMG he mouthed at me as we both looked back at the half naked girl.

“Do it.” Kate was really trembling now. Her boobs were shaking and wobbling making her nipples point all over the place. I was loving ever second, even if I was worried that I might come in my pants! Unbelievably her fingers went to her waist and she hooked them into the top of her knickers. They were plain white stretchy cotton and there was an obvious bulge where they covered the mound of her *****. Slowly she bent forwards and pulled her knickers down, down her smooth thighs and all the way to her ankles. When she stood up straight she kept her legs pressed tightly together but we could all see the tiny tuft of black hair between the tops of her thighs. I was having trouble breathing as I looked at the naked girl standing right in front of me. All she had on was a pair of sandals!

“Hands behind and legs apart now Katie, show everyone your *****.” Again I was in shock as she did as she was told. Her big boobs jutted straight out in front of her as she shuffled her feet apart and then we could see between her legs. She didn’t have much pubic hair and what she did have was quite wispy so we could see everything. Her ***** bulged forwards a bit. The central slit was easily visible and as I leant forwards to get a better view so did Mark. I could clearly see her ***** lips. It was marvellous!

“Turn around and bend over and show us your bum.” Kate gurgled a bit and sobbed and I heard a whispered “No” but she did it anyway. Tim stood up right next to her and told her to get over further and spread her legs wider. The view was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. I was sure my face was as hot as hers. Her bum cheeks were spread apart so we had a perfect view of her crinkled little bumhole, which no doubt was causing her an enormous amount of embarrassment, but I was more interested in her *****. It bulged towards us a bit like a split peach. I could see the inner lips, they were pink and slightly parted letting us see the red inside of her hole and there was a definite musky smell in the air. The central crack looked wet and shiny which for some reason made me more excited than ever. I had to shift about to get comfortable as my erection rubbed against the inside of my zip.

“Stand up Katie.” There was no sob or protest this time. She stood straight up and put her hands behind her back and kept her legs apart.
“My friends are going to have a feel now.” For the first time Kate looked up and we saw just how red her face actually was but it was her eyes that surprised me the most. Although they were wide they looked almost black and sort of glazed over. It wasn’t until several years later that I understood that some peoples’ pupils dilate in extreme situations or if they’re really turned on. It didn’t take much urging from Tim to get Mark to go first. I watched with a mixture of excitement and panic as my friend cupped and squeezed the firm breasts before touching their erect tips. Seconds later and his hands were in between Kate’s legs, delving and exploring while she groaned and gasped and squirmed her hips. Then it was my turn. I stood up and Mark sat down wiping his hands on his hanky chief. Tim just kept grinning like an idiot.

Nobody said anything as my shaking hands reached out and squeezed and lifted the wonderfully warm globes. I was surprised at how heavy and firm they felt. Kate gave a gasp and sort of pushed herself forwards into my hands as I felt her nipples, pulling and pinching them gently. Then I slid my hands downwards over the slight curve of her stomach and into the incredibly soft space between her thighs. My **** was leaking, I could feel it, but at that moment nothing but her incredibly soft and slippery folds mattered. She gave a little jerk and moaned as my fingers slid between her lips and then I pushed two fingers right up inside the tight little hole that nestled underneath her belly. It was heaven, sticky and warm and really slippery. When I sat down my heart was thumping in my chest and I was shaking like a leaf with my fingers coated with her juices. Mark and I blinked at each other with enormous grins on our faces as we watched Tim’s hands begin to explore his naked stepsister. He seemed to take longer than we had and was a quite rough making her jerk and groan more loudly than before. When he’d finished he spoke to her quietly, we couldn’t hear what he said but she looked up sharply and shook her head, her face going an even darker shade of red. He leant forwards and whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes for a moment before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Mark and I looked at each other both wondering what was going on.

“Katie wants to show you how she plays with herself, don’t you Katie?” To our amazement she nodded, her cheeks were glowing red and then she shuffled back onto the bed until her back was against the wall, her boobs bouncing all over the place. She looked at Tim for a split second and then looked down again as she parted her thighs. We could see every detail of her *****. It was obviously really wet, the folds glistening on either side of her slit. Then she started rubbing herself, her fingers dipping in and out of her hole as she pulled and rubbed at what I knew was her clitoris. It didn’t take long before she was panting and squealing and we could see that she was clenching her bum faster and faster. Suddenly she came, going really stiff and gurgling and groaning and gasping. It took all of my self control not to actually come myself!

When she’d gone Tim warned us again to never tell anyone and we never did, not even the rest of our gang. We asked Tim a few times if we could do it again but it never happened. All that summer I wanked myself silly whilst remembering what had happened moment by moment. It was easy to recall every detail, like a film I could watch in my mind. It’s still there in all its’ “technicolor” glory, even to this day. In the October Tim and his family moved away because his Dad had a new job. Mark and I never saw him again. I’ve never forgotten that amazing July day in 1973 and Kate touching herself in our friends’ bedroom. She often appears in my stories under various pseudonyms, the first really “naughty” girl that I ever had the good fortune to meet.
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The late sixties and early seventies were great years for sex sexual harassment, it was almost normal for a woman to have her **** grabbed and ********* at parties were a common occurrence. . . by *********, I mean a young woman would be "taken" into one of the bedrooms for "a bit of fun" usually several hours of it. No mobile phones, not many house phones and police not sympathetic to girls who wore short skirts or who got drunk. . . they were asking for it was the view at that time.
Am I right ?

Man I have had a rock hard **** for the past twelve hours after reading this. You lucky guys. Wish that had been me there too

I know the below response was 2013. But if you who wrote the response is still around, I completely agree. I don't know what was going on with their relationship, but I hope tim hasn't turned out like that as a fully grown man, and if so I feel sorry for him... Really, he was being a complete idiot, and If I were you, even though it was a naked girl, I would not have let him done what he did...

While I'm all for kinky, fun, stories of consensual sexual experiences, I hope you realize that there is a very real possibility that this was not that at all. It seems Tim had some sort of control over Kate--possibly because he could physically dominate her even though he was younger and he was perhaps physically and/or sexually abusive, or because he had something on her that she feared more than stripping for you guys. Now I'm not saying its impossible that she didn't want to do anything he made her, but its unlikely. In that case, Tim's actions should be called what they are--sexual abuse and even rape (since she was penetrated). Her physical response to stimulation should not be confused with actual consent or desire for the situation. I hope for Kate that these experiences did not leave her with the long-lasting emotional scarring that many victims of sexual abuse endure. Furthermore, I hope she knows she is not a "naughty" girl for having the misfortune of being the victim of such seemingly traumatic abuse.

show me a pic too plz.

Your sooo lucky. nice story. but didn't you not supposed to tell anyone?
By the way, my friend is WolfFoxFang233 in real life

Kate sounds hot.

wow wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

amaing story..

Wow, I got so aroused reading your story. Almost seemed like Kate wanted to show herself ... I want to think so anyway. Did some similar things with my sister and cousin, back in the day. Thanks for sharing! would love to read some of your other stories, where can i find them?

You can find most of my stories at or - enjoy.

WOW me and my sister did a simalar thing, we ******** off and made the boy across the street Ken Preece **** off for us we had never seen *** or a boy **** before, i still remember is breathing as he got closer to *******, he we saw him **** a view times for a quick feel of a boob or the other, learnt a lot.

That would have been fun for him

great story, why did Tim had such controle over her?