Wife Flashes For Beads On Bourbon

On the night before the superbowl and just a week before Mardi Gras my wife and I found ourselves in New Orleans. We were there for some volunteer work but I know you dont want to hear about that:)

We got there early that morning and were planning on heading back home late that afternoon. Our plans got changed when we were invited out to dinner though. Once we were at dinner and after drinking a few glasses of wine we decided that we should take a quick stroll down bourbon before going home seeing that we were only a block away at the time.

As soon as we hit the street my wife showed some disappointment in the fact that she was not dressed very provocatively and was unlikely to get any beads like she usually does. We were both in pants and t shirts from earlier in the day. I told her that I'm sure it would be okay but that she may actually have to show some skin to get some beads this time! (which I have never seen her do)

A couple of blocks down there was a balcony of guys dangling some beads which they were not throwing to her. I told her to go for it! Show them some ****! She started to, then got nervous and stopped before finally going for it and raising her shirt. The crowd went wild:) everyone was very appreciative and she got her beads:)

The same trend continued fro several blocks. She ended up with some impressive beads and feather boas. We really had a blast. At one point she got on my shoulders to do it. I loved her showing off and I think she enjoyed the attention from everyone cheering her on.

It was good fun:)
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Thanks. Post it!

Like the story. Wife has just about same story.