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I Watched My Girlfriend Flash My Friend

I had not seen my friend for a good while so when he rang me and said he wanted to hook up after a gig he was doing in my town I was looking forward to a decent night out. After he finished working it was around 11.30pm so we headed into town and unfortunately could not get into any clubs as they were full.

So I text my girlfriend and told her that I would be going home early and that I would text her tomorrow but she almost immediately text me back saying that she was in a club that her cousin worked as a doorman on and that we would be able to get in. Now normally I would not really go for this as I did not want my friend to feel like a spare wheel and to be honest we were looking forward to a lads night out where he could possibly got some female activity of his own.

Now when we got in the club we decided to go to the toilets first before heading to the bar. Now the toilets are up a flight of stairs and as luck would have it as we were at the bottom my girlfriend was coming down them and had my friend been looking up he would have seen everything.

Anyway he missed the whole show sowe talked briefly I ordered our drinks with her and we finished our business and met back with my girlfriend and some mates where we stayed all night. She danced with him but nothing exciting and we all had a great time but I was sober and so was my girlfriend as we were both driving so I didn have as much fun as I wanted so was glad when we were heading home.

It was at this point that I noticed my friend could not stop staring at my girlfriends legs as she was wearing a blue denim mini skirt. This turned me on alot so i quietly asked her what knickers she was wearing to which she told me the white very see through ones that highlight her brazillian! I was so horny on hearing that and she realised straight away and asked me what was I so excited about so I explained to her my friends dissapointment at not pulling anyone and that he was looking at her so bad.

She did not beleive me until she saw him staring at her trying his best not to be obvious soshe said that she did not mind him looking if its cheering him up. Now Thats when I suggested that He ride with her in her car and I will drive mine as she had two friends to drop off I could go home and put the kettle on and she would have someone in the car with her to be safe, but I insisted that she entertain my poor friend while he sat with her in the front.

She agreed with ease as she was getting turned on at the thought of it and as she got in the drivers seat she pulled her skirt up so high you could see her ***** through her knickers. So off we went our seperate ways. When they finally arrived my friend looked very flustered but also happy but my girlfriend did not stop there. She got on all fours on the floor to put on a DVD exposing her arse completely and then when she sat opposite my friend she turned her head away facing the TV keeping her legs pointimg towards him and just kept doing a basic instinct style legs manouvre.

This I could see drove my friend wild who got so horny he had to tell me what was happening. I said she was flirty and that if she caught him looking it may encourage her further. I was right too as she had caught him blatantly looking up her skirt even smiling at him when he looked up too which he panicked a little as she got up and went up stairs.

He thought he had blown it but then she came back down and sat in the same position but this time slowly spread her legs wide and kept them open. It was dark in the room and you could not see the white from her knickers which was strange since we had been seeing them just moments ago but after 5mins of sitting there she asked my friend to switch on the main light so he could see her keys and she would tell him which one would lock the front door. So as he did so and the light went on he was in front of her perfectly and just could not take his eyes off her bare *****. She knew it, I knew it and he knew she knew it but did not care anymore and as he asked her which key she seductively started swaying her leg open even wider. He was so hard you could see it so after 20 mins of her giving him an amazing look he went to bed as he could not take it anymore and I immediately jumped on her and ****** her on the floor. This was when she realised he was watching us from upstairs through the banister playing with himself and she smiled at him and put on a real pornstar show not telling me why until the following day.

skelter74 skelter74 36-40, M 5 Responses Feb 1, 2009

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Killer story

That's an awesome story! That would get my heart pumping. And it was cool that your friend respected where the line was too.

Bravo! Love to read more of the same sometime :)

We love playing like this as well!