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My Girlfriend Flashed Her *****

As a few of you know i love it when women expose themselves to other men so its no suprise for anyone who has read my other posts to hear this one but i just get turned on everytime its a different guy seeing her flash as i know exactly how they will be feeling inside as i like most men would feel so horny and want to explode if you could experience an ******* that you can have time to enjoy and that lasts a long time.

Anyway this particular time i had made absolutely no request of her as i had been away working for a few weeks with hardly any phone contact due to work timings and deadlines as in my job i literally have minutes to spare when its at its crazy. So when i got some unexpexted time off i made a quick phone call requesting a pick up, the time and the train station i would arrive at.

So here i am travelling down the country on a train looking forward to some time at home to relax oblivious to what was happening as i was making my journey. She told me that she arrived early so that i would be able to go straight home without waiting but on arrival she saw that my train was delayed by 30 mins so thought about popping into town for a quick look around some shops when see noticed some seats in a waiting area at the entrance to the station. The seats were quite empty and were opposite each other directly and yes you guessed it there wasa guy siiting opposite a empty row of chairs.

So seeing as she had worn a short denim skirt she decided to have a play all by herself which made this all the more erotic for me as it was something she said she did for her amusement first and secondly that it was something i would like but the reason she said was for her pleasure!

Anyway she sat down opposite the guy who she tried to get the attention of on approach so he would be aware of her. So as she walked towards the seats she was playing with her phone tutting and butting as if frustrated by something when the guy looked up at the direction of noise. When he looked at her blankly as you would anyone you dont know or expect anything from she gave him a naughty smile which he nervously double took at but kept looking up at her every few seconds trying to get eye contact again as she said i made it look like he was in with a chance so to speak.

So as she saw him looking out of the corner of her eye she seductively smiled while looking down at her phone and then preceded to sit down directly opposite him. Over the next five mins he kept looking over his paper at her legs which were crossed at this time. So after she realised she had him interested she waited for his next glance and then uncrossed and re crossed her legs for him.

Now he was adjusting his seating position as she said he was trying to get a better view as she had been careful not to show to much so by this time feeling wet and horny she thought she would reward his naughtiness and hitched her skirt up a little on each side and then repeated the same move when he looked only this time her legs spread wide enough for him to see that she had no knickers on and that he could very clearly see her ***** as it was just windows surrounding the area therefore eliminating ant shadows.

She looked at him playfully seeing him go red in the face as he looked at her legs open and close as he desperately tried to get all the visual pleasure he could when he suddenly looked up and saw her staring straight at him. She said it was so horny to see his face change from total lust to a mix of that and panick but she held his gaze and bit her bottom lip while swaying her legs ever so playfully side to side. He could not help but look back down at her legs quickly then back up to her face and obviously panicked as it was obvious she knew what he was looking at but she reacted quick so not to lose the intensity of the moment and while looking at him uncrossed her legs slowly and spread them wide open keeping them open for him to see her ***** and enjoy it. Her legs were so wide she said she could have been posing for a **** magazine shoot!!!

He just kept staring at her ***** and then looking up at her face only to be reassured she wanted him looking at her *****. She kept swaying her legs slightly as they were open but he saw her ***** in absolute detail and would know it as well as i do as this went on for the remainder of the time she was there. He could clearly see her triangle and lips in so much detail it was rediculous. The reason i know this is because she asked me to sit there when i arrived and she gave me a flash too. Anyway By this time the guy was hard and she said she could see it in his trousers and he was embarressed by it so when he realised she knew he got up paper covering his **** an headed for the toilets obviously to either wait out to avoid futher embarrassment or as i would imagine more than likely **** to avoid hi exploding lol!

I get her to tell me this in detail as we **** its awesome as she **** while telling me about it everytime and hearing her voice struggle to talk to me as she **** is so horny. She did this for herself and her pleasure alone which is why its my favourite experience as it really showed her dirty side. She now loves flashing guys and plays with herself while thinking about her flashing experiences.


skelter74 skelter74 36-40, M 8 Responses Feb 15, 2009

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I used to love for my wife to show her ***** to strangers. The sex was always great afterwards.

Denim skirt ... no knickers ... flashing and teasing while she waits for you ... she sounds perfect :)

It is a real turn on. I have done something like this a few times over the years, I even played with myself to a total stranger. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the trills xxx

both my wife an i have spoken aout trying this, when we talk about it i get such a turn on at the thought of a man or woman seeing her hairy bush with her **** standing proud above it. we are gonna o this sooner than later

Hey, she sounds awesome. Hope I stumble across her one day when she's feeling hot n horny ;)<br />
<br />

Wow your stories rock! I think you'll like my story of the flower guy. I included the pic that she asked him to take of her boobs.

I too love watching my wife play and show off in public giving little shows to others who think she does not know. Great fun!

That was so sweet and so cute. Males get a very special feeling inside when they have visual axcess to a woman's girlhood (vaginal) gaping open. It's wonderfull when a gal is carefree, not caring what a man might see...just letting it all hang out.