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My Girlfriend Flashed Her ***** to Workmen

The other week my girlfrieind and I were talking and as I have been having a difficult time with work she had told me that she had tried to cheer me up by getting me a flashing story but unfortunately she had not been able too.  However, little did I know what opportunity was around the corner for her and that she was just setting me up for a big suprise.

Her mother has just moved house and she was having new windows put in and also a boiler, radiator etc. so there were plenty of workmen there.  So as she walked down the driveway comments were made to her about it being a tease for her to be wearing a skirt while they had to work.  She laughed but just gained confidence knowing that they were going to be going crazy with what she had planned.


She sat down on a chair in her green mini skirt which you can see in my 'strickly 18's only' picture folder on my profile and that is how her skirt was at best.  Now she knew they were already looking and one of them placed his tool box inline with her so he could get a better view.  Now at this point I had a txt from her while in work which basically told me what was happening and that I was to ring her now.


So I found as quiet a place as possible and rung her and she was being flirty to them when she answered so I knew exactly what was going on as I could hear one o fthem make a comment on her legs.  So we got talking and I asked her questions to which she replied either yes or no. It was something like this.

"are you teasing the guy's right now?" me

"yes " her

"are they looking as we speak?" me

"yes" her

"would they see everything if you turned around and made it look like you were looking for something?"

"absolutely everything" her

Now you can imagine what i felt like, I was shuddering inside so much knowing this so I decided they needed to see more so I told her to turn around the other way and spread her legs ridiculously wide to which she said of course and did it. Now the best part is is that she cunningly asked if anyone had seen the remote control for the TV as she shufled through magazines on the table behind her and pretended to scan the room.  She actually did this for around a minute which i was on the phone for.


When she turned back around I asked if anyone was looking and she said all were fixated on her and looked red in the face.  I now know why cos she did it again after our phone call but had filmed it on her phone which I watched while she played with me.  It was ******* unbelievable!!! her legs were spread so wide, im not joking, she had turned around and spreaqd her legs slowly open to the point they would not open any wider and  they saw right into her ***** as it had opened her lips. She knew her ***** lips had opened because both times she instantly felt the air on her soaking wet ***** which was shining and actually running with juice as she was so horny.


She did this solid for two days they saw her ***** so much and so closely that they know what she looks like aswell as i do. Nothing was left to the imagination and i love her for that. When she then went to tease the plumber who was fitting a radiator in her mothers room she had layed on the bed legs spread wide as if waiting to be ******. So when he came in he looked straight at her ***** and pointed while saying "that is such a tease, But very nice to look at" 


She continued to play all day and they knew she wanted them to see her by now so were just looking at her ***** when talking to her and making it obvoius they wanted to get a better look if their view was obscured to which she would open wide for them all and smile.

skelter74 skelter74 36-40, M 7 Responses Sep 23, 2009

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Great story! Please add to circle to share photos. Thx.

Awesome, I'd love to see the picture :)

Very hot story of a great GF. She loves the attention from other men examining her hot body. Would love to see the photos of her in this skirt, and out!

the story was great!!! would love to see some of the pics

Rock hard reading it!!

I would love my wife to do that. She has outside the house but not indoors to workmen. Yet. She has around friends but not strangers. Love the teasing.

Great story. Would love to be in your circle to view pics. Please check out my story/request to form a group that posts flashing challenges. Then when women fullfill the challenges, they would post a story with pics. I think it would be a very exciting and fun endevour!