I Watched My Wife Flash Her Boobs

some of the stories don't ring true, my one is.  it might seem tame compared to others but we enjoyed it.  when we were in our twenties and not long married we lived in london.  we were quite friendly with some people from australia and on sundays we went to a club called the church which was frequented by aussie and kiwi back packers.  in this place the drinks flowed and it was a bit of a meat market. on this particular sunday in the middle of summer the place was heaving.we were drinking and i had our cigarettes in my pocket.  my wife cathy asked me for one and for some reason i just said if you get your **** out you can have one.  well she immediately said no way, but she did have a funny glint in her eye so i said "i dare you". with this she put her hands up inside her t shirt unhooked her bra and handed it to me and said "i dare you to dare me again".  i couldnt back down and immediately said "go on then, i dare you". immediately she pulled up her t shirt and did a complete pirouette in the middle of the crowded dance floor. an immediate cheer went up.  cathy has an amazing pair of DD cup boobs.  guys from all around were coming over to get an eyeful. she pulled down her t shirt, straightened it up and continued to dance with me.  about five minutes later two  guys came up to us and one of them explained that they were soldiers and one of them had been in the toilets when cathy had flashed and had missed it.  would she mind doing it again just for them.  she agreed and let them take a photo on their little camera which they had with them.  we had a great sex later on that night.  to this day she gets very horny when i remind her of it and the thoughts of the use the soldiers would have gotten from that photo.

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not so much flashed, she has gone topless on the beach which i enjoy. she is more modest now having had kids. when we have a weekend away she walks around naked in the hotel room with the curtains open, i dont know if she has been seen but it gives us a buzz. i have seen her kissing a guy and being felt up by him one new years eve, but alcohol was involved and we were in a strange town so anonymity was a factor as well.

And she hasn't continued to thrill others since? Bill in Va.