My Girlfriend Flashes Her *****.

  She sets at the bar with a short micro dress and no paints on. Shaved clean her legs spared as she turns around and looks at the crowd. If she sees some one looking she sets there with legs open enough for them to take in a good look, then smiles and turns back around.

  Some times she at the mall in he larger towns showing it to who ever wants to look. (She closes them if kids are around, this is adults only viewing and males at that) We have been at party's where she lets some pet her ***** and gets it fingered some times.  She likes the attention and I don't mind her showing what she has. If there is a contest you can bet she is on stage showing all.

   She has striped for some of our male friends and has been a play thing at several parties. No sex unless I give the okay and that is rarely. Every one seems to like it when ever they get to see her privets. She enjoys flashing her **** also.

HDRider10 HDRider10
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Most of them, munecababy!

How many people get to touch her ***** at the parties?