Only 16 and It Was Hard On Me

Well my grandpa had been sick for many years and in a nursing home.  The August before my Freshman year started in high school my grandpa started to slowly slip away.  I was only 16 when all of this was going on.  I went to the nursing home everyday with my grandma, for moral and emotional support.  When she would start to cry I had to get up and leave the room, because I couldn't take watching my grandma cry.  But there was one day in particular that I just stayed in the room with her and never left there side.  The nurses were amazing to us, treated us with love and respect.

The day he did pass away was one of the hardest days of my young life.  It was my grandma, uncle, aunt, dad, mom and myself there.  We all knew this was gonna be his last day with us.  I was doing good to hold my composer, to stay strong for the family.  Well we were all hungry so my dad and uncle had left to go get a pizza for all of us.  When they got back we all got up to leave, but grandma didn't want to leave grandpas side.  We were only 5 min into our dinner when the nurse came to the loby and called over my dad and uncle to let them know that grandpa had just taken his last breath.  I didn't even finish my slice of pizza (and didn't touch pizza for 3 months after, and it still isn't the same when I eat pizza). 

Right after we all walked out of the room, grandpa looked at grandma, smiled took in a deep breath and closed his eyes.  And that was his last breath and moment with his wife. 

I was tryin to stay strong, but I couldn't.  I had never saw a man cry before.  When I saw my uncle break down and start to cry, that was it for me, I totally lost it.  Had to go out and collect myself and make some phone calls to family and friends.  That was even harder. 

Still to this day I will never forget the day or year that he passed away on.  It is forever engraved into my mind.  I loved my grandpa to death, and watchin him die at such a young age made me take a look at life in a whole new way. 

Life is short and you never know when your last day is gonna be.  So live every day like it is your last, do what you wanna do and don't let anyone hold you back from your dreams and goals.

At the funural, I had told myself that I was gonna hold it together and not cry.  Yeah right that didn't happen.  My dad had written a letter/pome about grandpa.  Hell as soon as the minister started to read it the tears just started to flow.  I looked over at my dad and he was crying, that was the first time that I had ever seen my dad cry.  When the funural was over and the paul bears were takin grandpa down the steps out to the hurse, I lost it totally and almost passed out, cuz I knew that I would never see my grandpa again. 

He is forever in my mind and heart.  When August 20th comes around I always cry and think of him.  He was a great man and was loved by lots of people.  I miss him a lot and it has been 12 years already this August it will be 13 years.  Time flys by, in the good and bad.  It is what makes us stronger people.

Forever my love for you grandpa, I will never forget you or how special you were to me.


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I feel for you... <br />
After my grandpa passed away I swore i will never eat this one particular franchise steak house anymore.<br />
When he was alive, in a hospital, i kept telling him to get better soon, so we could eat at that steak house together.<br />
But in the end, he couldn't make it... T_T