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My second wife was a very conservative and shy woman, but around the house she was very immodest. She was a tomboy, but a tomboy who was proud of her body. I was shocked by some of the things I saw while I was living with my step-family; the youngest son would have any number of friends for sleepovers and the bathroom would be adjacent to his room. On summer mornings the doors of all the rooms would be propped open. Imagine my surprise one morning when I am woken by the sounds of young men murmuring and moving around, about to get up and leave. I have a full bladder so rush to the toilet, thinking that one of said males will beat me to it and instead I hear a crystal clear splash of water and my attention is directed to a female's naked buttocks. There she is, my wife the exhibitionist stark naked at her ablutions with the bathroom door wide open for all to see. No wonder so many of them liked to stop over! She was clearly very comfortable around testosterone and used to adopt an attitude like an actress sharing the dressing room with male actors. "There's nothing to see" and "I'm just one of the boys" were two statements that couldn't possibly have been true! I found it impossible to challenge her about this, and kind of retreated into a voyeur's world. The closest I got was when I called her at work a few weeks after the incident I've just described and I related what I had seen. She sounded genuinely horrified and said, "Oh dear - I must go into a daydream first thing in the morning. I'm sorry about that." I have always had an honest relationship with her and blurted out, "Oh I shouldn't worry. I'm not chiding you about it. It's obviously how you are. Got me quite excited, actually." Straight away she replied very assertively, "I'd better do it more often, then." and I could tell by the sound of her voice she was smiling. It was as though she was admitting that she liked to 'play a game' but if I liked the game then she had carte blanche to carry on. She is a beautiful and sensuous lady with magnificent curves. I know how much she likes the shape of her own body, and it would appear that in the comfort of her own home she would enjoy 'accidentally' putting it on display. She used to also wear a tiny nightie, all white and virginal with a little bow at the neck and long sleeves, but leaving nothing to the imagination below. She would wander upstairs and downstairs in this, crouching down to feed the cat, bending over by kitchen cupboards and conversing with all the males leaving and arriving. She would go into her youngest son's darkened room and stand on tiptoe to fetch things from the airing cupboard while teenage boys lay on their sleeping bags nearby. Every step she took in that garment showed more than a glimpse of cheek and in some postures it wasn't difficult to see her pink flesh hanging down, something else she's rather proud of. It was as though she still viewed the males in the household as toddlers, where casual nudity is less taboo. But I have a feeling she enjoyed the power of being the sole female in the household and it was her wish to be almost and fully nude around fully clothed males. I would be fascinated to hear what other people think.
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How old is your son and how old are the boys he associates with?