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When I was 16 I use to sneek out of my house to go hang with friends. I go out my window onto the porch roof the bathroom downstairs is right next to it. Well I got an eye full one night never did catch up with friends that night. I saw the bathroom light come on so I looked down not real ever knowing how much into the bathroom I could see from there. Well I stood there for a few minutes didnt see anyone when mom walked by naked. I was shocked. I saw her get in the shower and watched her for 45 minutes soaping her self all over. I must have cummed a hundred times in that 45 min. From that night till i moved out every other night she would shower and i would watch. MMM miss those days.
jin09 jin09 36-40, M 5 Responses Jun 4, 2011

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ang bogli mo naman

i used to do this too

I could never see my mother in the shower. but I certainly could see her in her room.<br />
<br />
it was always great ******* to her undressing

I use to shower with my mom when I was 5 on all the way till I was 8 or 9 I now remember seening her naked in the shower She was the sweater type girl at least a 36 C and had beautiful legs

my mum is in shower now i can see her hot wet naked body its so good seein her like that