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I Loved Watching Her Having Sex

I've always been very close to my older sister. She taught me a lot about sex, my body and just having a good time.

When she started having sex I was naturally very curious to see what it was all about, so I would try to sneak into wherever she was getting ****** by her latest conquest, but I failed every time as she's very alert.

One weekend our parents were out of state and she invited a friend over. They made out in front of me, then disappeared to her room. They didn't close the door fully, and I walked by every minute or so and peek through the gap. After a few minutes she called out "For God's sake Ally, stop that, you're distracting me! Come in or close the door". I was in there like a flash. It was awesome to see up close how her ***** lips moved with the guy's **** and how her little **** jiggled a bit.

It obviously got me very horny so I was fingering myself furiously while watching them. I think I had 3 ******* to her one!

I didn't join them, but a few months later we started having three and foursomes.
Ally69 Ally69 22-25, F 30 Responses May 23, 2012

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What a great way to learn. Please add me. Thanks, Bruce

******* awesome!


Please please don't leave EP. Or please tell where you will be writing your erotic thoughts and stories son that I might continue to enjoy your wickedness.

Hey Ally, just wondering what country are you in?

I spied on my older Brother when he had a friend over. He caught me in his closet one time and I got to excite & examine his girlfriend when he had her blindfolded & naked & tied up on his bed!!! Tee hee. She had no idea it was me who was tasting & tickling & touching her! Ever since then I've wanted to be in her position & more. He gave me those fantasies!

Soo hot. Come over and I will blindfold my wife and you and we can have a blast.


Oh wow..

Openess about the pleasures of sexuality is a wonderful thing, sex is nothing to be ashamed about!

awwww... i truly luv happy endings... each kid is unique, some are totally interested in everything sexual very early, and more than once i was the guy with partner distracted by persistant young sister/daughter peeking, etc... ur sister's response was both astute and practical, but i usually had the wrong partner...

thanks ally, for sharing some of the fun and heat of this memorable moment of discovery from 'the kid's' perspective...

great story...lucky me plz...

mmmm so nice

I know this is not germain to your story but I wanted to ask you this question and since I am not in your circle of friends I couldn't send a message or post on your board. I hope you don't find this too invasive and will understand if you choose not to answer but I am very curious.
I see you are in "I love tribute pics" but almost all of your friends are female. I won't bother to friend you since you seem you would not care to have me included in your circle (although I'm not against it if you ARE interested) but I am wondering how it works when women tribute women? Would you mind enlightening me?

That is SO HOT!!!!!

I think that is the nicest way anyone has ever learned about sexual intercourse.


Such a horny story!!

wow ally wish u have got that chance to **** with him dear,...!


I think watching a woman get excited by watching a good **** is exciting. I love to see how they lick their lips and start to move round and then finally start rubbing themselves off to a great ******. I wishi I could have seen you enjoying the view.

Damn thats a hot story- wow

wow so exciting ha and you meant by that your older sis just let you enjoy it as much?

Wonderful she let you watch!!

Wow! That is really hot! Love to hear some foursome stories!

Very sexy story Ally, and so understanding of your sister to help with your sexual development. Ah-h-h everyone getting pleased. I enjoy ************ while watching my wife being seduced by another woman. Love the taste of a woman after she's orgasmed.

Very cool story. Thanks for sharing.


This is one hot story I came only emagin how hot you got.

That is a very hot story ,I wish I could have watched you finger yourself I would be jacking off watching .please let me see more of you .would love for you to add me.

Breathtaking very sexy story Ally. Apart from joining in what could be more exciting and stimulating than watching your sister getting laid. An electrifying introduction for you of the joys and pleasure of sex. Delighted you fingered your ***** as your observations of the sexual excitement in progress fuelled your arousal. How thrilling that you subsequently joined them in three and foursomes. Very erotic with the involvement of your sister.<br />
<br />
Loved this story Ally. It had its arousing effect on me. Thank you for sharing it.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />