My Wife And Yours

Me and my wife have been together for 6 years and married for three. we are very young and fell in love with each other early in life. About 1 year ago we were hanging out with our friends that we just met they were our new neighbors and invited us to come over and hang out. we went to there house and we were all drinking getting nice and drunk off the game *******. the girls went out and talked to each other and me and the husband talked inside. i asked him if he minds his wife naked in front of other couples cuz it doesn't bother me. he was cool with it and we decided to play ***** poker. the girls got naked and i got naked he ended up winning in his boxers but it was all good. the game turned into a dare competition were my wife gave me head in front of the couple and she did the same to him. then we ate our own wives out while standing next to each other.  next thing i know my wife and his were making out with each other. we both stopped and just enjoyed them go at it with each other and then they moved to the floor where they started to rub each others clits and finger each others *****'s and all the way to eating each other out and the girl went up stairs and got a ***** and ****** my wife with it and then my wife did the same to her. it was a great show and me and the other dude enjoyed every minute of it. once they were done with each other they came to us my wife to me his wife to him and we ****** our own wives and watching the other couple at the same time. after a good bit i pulled out and came all over her *** and the other wife watched it happen she was so aroused by this. My wife and i loved the experience and we really want to do it again any suggestions on how to find people that are into not swinging but just enjoying the wife on wife thing let me know cuz i cant wait to do it again. wish that couple still lived near us but they moved so need to find someone new 

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2 Responses Nov 9, 2009

What a fun night you lucky guy. Treasure her.

It looks like called "soft swinging". I wish me and my wife is nearby you, then we can do that. Thanks for sharing that ******* hot, erotic stories. Cheers man!