Wife Seduced My Friend

My wife (kristen), my friend (lee), and I were driving to see another one of our friends for the weekend.  I was driving, my wife in shotgun, and lee in the backseat.  It was about a 3 hour drive, pretty boring, and we were just telling stories and talking for most of the way.  We got to talking about a mutual friend whose gf cheated on him with someone else we new.  Lee said he would never do to that to one of his friends, no matter the situation.  My wife has told me she found lee attractive before, so after he said that and she looked at me, in knew what she was thinking.  I argued with lee and disagreed-saying you never know what you will do unless you are put in that situation (which is true).  He continued on saying he could withstand any girl who came onto him if she was taken.


Kristen turned to him and said, "is that a challenge?"  He laughed and said bring it on.  She just looked at me, took her seatbelt off, and crawled into the back seat with him.  Now it was summer and she was wearing a tank top, and short skirt.  So i got a great view of her *** when she was crawling in the back, i just gave it a little slap and enjoyed what i was seeing. 

Lee did not see this coming and i was interested to see how he would react-i didnt think he could withstand her coming onto him (check out her pictures!) but he seemed pretty confident.  My wife sat there with him for awhile, just teasing him, saying things like what if i did this or that, as she would touch his chest or nibble on his ear.  I moved the rear view mirror so i could see his face and he was looking at more for approval but i didnt say anything.

Finally kristen said i bet if i was naked you couldnt turn me down!  he said i guess there's only one way to find out...so she ******** right there in front of him, first the shirt, then the skirt, bra, then panties.  Lee could not believe this-he asked me are you OK with this??   i just said i dont know what youre talking about and kept driving.  he was doing his best not to touch her-so she did it for him, she put back against the door, her legs spread on his, and started fingering herself...moaning and the whole nine.  Finally she crawled on top of him and put her ***** right in his face....this i when he caved, he grabbed her *** started licking her *****....i could tell because she was screaming things like "right there" "keep going" as she reached around and was grabbing his **** through his shorts.  He unzipped himself-took off he shorts and lowered my wife onto his ****. 

So i was driving, trying to watch the road, and he was back there nailing my wife.  We passed a couple cars by this time but i dont think any of them saw anything-this is when he flipped her over and started taking her from behind...there was a group of young guys driving by who saw this and slowed down so they were right next to us.  Now my wife had an audience!  They rolled down the windows are started cheering them on-what a lucky day for those little bastards haha!  he was reaching around fingering her while he continued to pump her, i could hear *** and she was grabbing her **** with one hand while she was yelling "harder' "harder"...this mustve been too much for him because he flipped her over and was going to *** on her stomach but she sat up and took his whole load in her mouth. 

The kids in the car were still cheering as my wife got dressed...i looked in the mirror and said i told you its different when its you in the situation.  he just laughed, a little embarrassed and said i guess so...

We drove the rest of the way there, laughed off the incident with lee, and had a great weekend.  he ended up taking a random home from the bars the next night and said i should watch through the window of our friends house.  so my wife and i went around the house and watched lee go at this girl-it was such a turn on kristen and i started going at it outside and she told me how much she loved ******* lee.  i was ******* my wife and she was telling me how much she loved ******* my friend, who i could still see having sex 5 feet away from me....what a great weekend!

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you should try a thre*esome, and practice it more often and better and better, it would be even more beautiful, women were created for such pleasure. Nothing is better than two men with a good woman, if there is a trust between you. Playboys will always try to win the women, so be ready for anything. and without exaggerated jealousy, trust your wife. Always respect your wife as an important lady, and be proud of her, especially if she's so good lover. It does not matter what others think, the most important is that both from you feels good .

Lucky guy. You should do it again..

Another guy who can't walk it like he talks it

Lee lasted TEN minutes!? Geeez.....with the build-up she laid on him he's amazing!! If she'd done that to me, I'd have probably blown a load as soon as she touched me!!

i would love to **** your wife.. she has a sexy body that i would enjoy for hours