My Ex And Her Girlfriend

When I was still with my ex, she had a girlfriend called Cathy.  They worked together and had become lovers. One evening my ex had invited Cathy over to our house for dinner.  Much wine and beer was consumed and I knew that the two of them were dying to get their hands on each other.

Being a bit pissed and very horny, I decided that the cleverest course of action would be to go to bed, giving the girls an opportunity to get into each other.  Well, I lay in bed listening to the sighs and heavy breathing from the lounge, knowing that my wife was having her delicious, musky ***** well and truly licked. I remember Bryan Adams' album was playing in the background, masking much of their quiet sighs and soft mutterings, but, being in a high state of arousal, I guess my hearing was super-sensitive. I eventually got up and stood just outside the living room, in the shadows. My wife was on the carpet, her legs spread and her panties around one ankle. Cathy was licking her **** and fingering her. My ex was writhing in the carpet, little whispered sighs escaping from her mouth and raising her hips, pushing her delicious, hairy vulva onto Cathy's fingers.

My **** was oozing salty precum and I massaged it onto my shaft, wanking my slippery **** head as I watched the two of them oblivious to me, making love on the carpet.

Cathy whispered into my wife's ear and they got up from the floor. I tiptoed back to bed, unseen.  A few minutes later they entered the bedroom as I feigned sleep. I could hear them both undressing and then listened as they took turns peeing. The splash and tinkle of their wee adding to my state of arousal.

Both of then slipped into the bed and they started writhing together, their legs intertwining as they kissed and whispered. A hand touched my hard **** and then squeezed it . Another cupped my balls and I gave up the pretence of sleeping and reached over, feeling two warm, naked bodies; my wife's voluptuous, curvy body and Cathy's thinner, more taut body.  Mouths met, tongues met as we tasted each other in a three way erotic kiss. Fingers explored and pushed and our bodies tangled together in a hot, sexual knot.

Things became a bit of a blur. Suffice to say, I tasted both of their delicious *****, licked both of their sensitive anuses and enjoyed both of them sucking and licking my **** and arse. I remember Cathy lowering her **** onto my face. I remember the smell of her... sweat....***...pee...cunthoney. I remeber my tongue licking her slowly from **** to her anus as she ground herself over my mouth.

I remember fingers in my *** and I remember fingering two delicious tight bottoms. The girls rolled and twisted as we pushed each other to new erotic highs. I sat back and watched the girls 69, Cathy on top, her vulva humping away at my wife's face...

Cathy got up for a pee and when she returned, I licked her *****, tasting the tang of her ****. "You like that, don't you?" she asked.
"Yes!" I replied. so she sat on my mouth and squeezed a few drips of **** into me.... I was in heaven.

We lay together for a while, gently exploring... probing and then we ******. I cannot remember how we ddid it or in what positions. Suffice to say that we ****** for a long time. As I alternated between the girls, my **** would be sucked, cleaning it, preparing it for its next entry, and I ****** one, I'd lick the other, savouring the dirty-sexy taste of *******, the smell of hot **** and freshly ****** bottoms... I can't say how many times I came. Probably three, but I know I came in my wife's girlfriend at least once, because I remember her squatting over me and ejecting my *** over my face and chest...

Such a night!
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I would love to find a gf for my hubby and I

Great story. Got my **** hard and lots of *** flowing. Thanks for sharing.