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Years ago my wife used a doctor that she was real comfortable with. He was with a practice that was close to us but had left to start his own practice in another town. She found out the other week that he opened an office near us so she made an appointment and had her records transfered to his new office. We just got back from her visit to him.

He is in his late thirties or early forties. When we went to the exam room the nurse took her info and after asking her why she was there (wife told her full exam) asked her to undress and handed her a paper vest to cover with. Instead of putting it on with the opening in the back my wife put it over her shoulders with the opening in the front.

While we were sitting there talking and waiting for the doctor to come in she was sitting on the exam table facing the door with her arms to her side and the vest was open enough that she was fully exposed. Soon we heard the doctor at the door and as he opened it he was talking to another patient. He opened the door enough the male patient he was talking to could see right past him at my wife. After a few seconds he came in the room and closed the door.

When he and the nurse entered he reconized us as being former patients and said hi as he shook my hand then went to the exam table and with my wife being an outgoing type and hugger she stood up and gave him a hug. She then sat back on the end of the exam table as he talked to her about her health. He then wanted to listen to her heart and lungs so he asked her to remove the paper vest which left her totally nude. Then he had her lye back and did a full breast exam and checked her all over for any signs of skin cancer. He then had her spread her legs and put them in the sturrups to give her a pelvic exam. I noticed as his finger entered her ***** he did not bother putting on a glove and as he moved his finger around he seemed to be spending extra time on her.

Need I say that at this point I was hard as hell and about to explode.


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WOW! Would love to hear about the next visit! That is one hell of a staff! Where can I sign up?

hay, try to get your wife to be examed by an Indian male doctor.... I have tried once, after exam my wife breast and body thoroughly, he seems not enough..... rubbing her hand when advise us in the desk.... hah doctor... female patient....

Wow, very arousing. I often go to the doctor with complaints about my **** so she has to touch it, I sometimes get hard when she does but nothing ever happens. But I fantasize about ******* all over her hands.

Sure was!!

Now that story gives a whole new meaning to "getting" a physical. I have a question...was the "visit" covered by insurance? :-) dc

I'd be counting the minutes!