Let's Play Doctor

There seem to be lots of us out there who like watching their women being examined by doctors so why don't we help each other out? We could examine each others wives - either as a role play with their consent or we could set them up - what do you think? I'd love some of you to examine mine and I'd be very happy to do the same for you - any ideas / thoughts?
gifther gifther
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7 Responses Sep 15, 2010

Hello gifther,<br />
I am curious as to whether or not you followed up on your original idea from September.. I think it's a great idea!


Hi Dekinet! Give me your email address I want to discuss with you in detail. My email address is smdq@rediffmail.com

I like this idea. But my wife hates role play.

Good idea, How we will plan? Where are you located ?

Funny idea, reminds me of a literotica story where a guy had his friend ( a real ER doc) examine his wife (thoroughly) and taped the exam for him to see after...I do have a lab coat and have seen many an exam...

Ha ha, good idea, but not the same. I check out all the sites that have Dr or Gyno area's but they are so phony. i want real looking exams.