Debbie wasn't my wife, she was a girl friend. I was 24 at the time, she was barely 18, with as close to zero experience as it is possible to be at that age. She was a leggy bottle blond, slender but very small bustest.

She was also classically dumb as a box of rocks.

We had a few sessions of sex but the pull out just in time stuff, which isn't all that much fun.

So we decided that she should go on birth control pills.

Of course, that meant going to see a Doctor. That came up when I spotted an ad in a local paper, a new Doctor had set up offices in our town and was advertising for clients, hell, he even had a first appointment half price special which I liked, since neither one of us had insurance.

Debbie could drive, sort of, but my car was a hot rod Nova which one wrong bump on the throttle could get away from a poor driver, which she was. Plus in Seaside in the Winter it rains, always. Which made driving even more dangerous, so I drove her up to Astoria to see him.

We sat out in the tiny waiting room, a receptionist pretended to be busy and ignored us. Finally out the man came, he was tall with dark hair, good looking and about 30 or so.

He apologized, telling us his nurse was not there so he couldn't do the appointment. I asked why not, he said to do the prescription required a nurse on hand since he had to do an examination.

It was 30 miles up there and I didn't want to drive back so I told him we didn't care, I would watch if he wanted me to. The guy looked at Debbie, then at me, finally he shrugged.

So in the little office, he handed Debbie a gown, telling her to undress and put it on. He looked a little surprised when she just started stripping down right there in front of him. He also didn't leave, by now he was grinning some. Then he stepped over and helped her put the gown on, there was a bit of a struggle since she kept trying to stick her arm in so it was open at the front.

"How are you going to examine me with it on that way?" She asked. The Doctor turned a little bit pink at that, then he grinned again.

Finally he got her on the table, had her lay back while he put on some gloves. He rubbed her breasts, squeezed her nipples, saying "No fluids" almost to himself.

Next he went down and had her spread her legs, then he stuck a finger inside of her all the way.

"That feels really nice!" Debbie said, honest to God. The look on his face was priceless, like I said. Debbie was dumb as a box of rocks.

He asked her about her sexual experiences, she told him she didn't know for sure since she and I had only "done" it a few times, and even then "not really." He asked what she meant by that and she said I always pulled it out first.

That short conversation happened while he still had a finger inside of her. He looked over at me, I just shrugged. Then he stepped over some which put his back to me, he was doing something but I couldn't see what. I did see Debbie's face flush and then she let out a loud groan. The Doctor told her she could get dressed and left rather quickly.

She got the prescription, things went along normal for about two weeks. We were supposed to go out for dinner that Friday night but she begged off, which was strange.

Hell with it, I went out, had a few drinks, messed around the town. On a hunch at about 1:30 or so I drove by her apartment, just in time to see her and that Doctor get out of his car and go inside.

Like I said. I didn't marry her. Dodged a bullet with that one.
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