Examined By The Doctor

My young wife and I arrived at the large house and after noting the sign that said Dr J.Edmonds nerviously rang the door bell, after what seemed ages the door opened and a middle aged smartly dressed gentleman open the door and greeted us with " Hi you must be Mr & Mrs Skinner, do come in", we entered and were shown into a large room equiped as a doctors surgery....take a sit he said ,looking at his files...ah he said,  Mrs Skinner is here for a medical required by your Insurance Company, is that right ? yes I said thats right. Is there another room I can wait in ?...Oh there is no need for that, I am sure you have seen your wife without her clothers on before !!, I was a little taken back and looked at my wife who looked very embarressed...Ok I said. he then proceeded to ask medical questions and noted them down, then as casually as you like he looked at my wife Genny and said " ***** to the waist please". genny stood up and with fingers shaking undone the buttons of her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders, the white globes of her breasts seemed to quiver as they nestled in her lacy low cut bra, They sprang free as she released her bra, wobbling like jellys, her nipples stiff with the sudden exposure. The doctor began to touch them and feel them all over.emmm he said they seem to be fine. Right slip your skirt and pants off and pop up onto the couch please...well...the thought of her doing that was  sending me crazy and my penis was going stiff. she let her skirt drop to the floor and then pushed her pantees down...she was stark naked !! in front of this strange man. she had to lay back, open your thighs please...a bit wider..thats fine the doctor said looking straight at her wide open shaven *****, he then puts two fingers into her slit and pushes them in right up to his knuggles...I am now as hard as an iron rod and desperatly trying to hide it. Now lift your knees right up my dear he said and does the same to her arsehole !!After a few minutes of this  examination he said ,right you can get dressed now, I will send the company a report. we then left and went home, needless to say, I "examined " her myself well and truely.

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You should have spent that time learning to spell.

I remember watching my wife being examined by the doctor before our daughter was born. I could not believe i stimulated it made me when he put his fingers in her vagina. How excited I was.


I love to go with my wife to the doctor and see her undressing in front of him!<br />
It's so exciting!!

Damn, that was hot! I would LOVE to do the same with MY wife!!

i need more stories.... is your wife, girlfren, daughter, sisters being thoroughly examined by a male doctor.... they easily undress everything for doctors.... let the doctor touch everywhere.....tell me more...it make me crazy...

When the wife was pregnant and even when we were trying to get pregnent, I went with her on her exams and was susprised that they didn't ask me to leave the room and also susprised by how turned on I got watched this stranger touch her, seeing her disrobe in front of them, spread her self wide, his probing of her ****, they even did breast exams which seemed to go on a bit longer then needed. Her nipples would get hard and more then was her ***** was dripping when he was done, they never mentioned it though. There was one doctor who was a big handsome guy that I know she was attracted to and he always examed her himself every time, breast exam, cervix, always had a reason to insert his fingers, once alomost his entire hand and seemed to position himself so I would have an uniterupted view. No susprise that usually as soonas we got home she would drag me into the bedroom and the entire time I have no doubt she was thinking of him.........., Now oddly enough she never wanted to accompany me when I'd get a prostate exam.