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I Too Watched My Wife Being Examined

We had been together for about 1.5 years. My wife (then Girlfriend) went to see the gynacologist, I accompanied her. We went in to see the doctor. First he started to ask us questions, of we wanted children, if we had had intercourse, ect. My wife was quite inexperianced and we had only gone as far as dry humping and mutual ************. At that time hearing herconfess her sexual acts was ebarassing, but arousing at the same time. After a few minutes it came up that my wife feared she was quite narrow. The docter ordered her to ***** so he could have a look. I fully expecteded another room to wait in, but to my surprise nothing was mentioned. My girl lay down on the table. The doctor asked to spread her legs. As she had shaven all but a landingstrip, he had a great view. Relax he said as he placed his hand on her *****. He then applied some lubricant and slid in one finger. My girlfriend gasped as he suddenly entered her. You see he said, the trick is to relax. He then proceded to massage her mound with the palm of his hand. After a few moments I saw her nipples stiffen and the rest of her body easing.
At that time he pushed in a second finger and moved in and out. He was fingering her right in front of me! As I was only 18 then I didn't know what to think of it. He then ordered her to turn on her stomack. By that time she had a nice blush on her cheeks. She now laid face down, her *** raised in the air. "You see, there's no problem whatsoever with your *****" he said as he pushed two fingers knuckeldeep into her. She responded by pushing her *** in the air, he kept moving his fingers back and forth, in and out. After several lounges he pulled out and told her to get dressed. By then I had a raging hardon. After some smalltalk we finished by paying. In hindsight I actually paid someone to ********** my girl.



beguilingyou beguilingyou 26-30 19 Responses Dec 10, 2009

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Similar experience with my wife, except I wasn't able to witness her with the guy.
He was older, in a position of power ( her uncle ), and she was inexperienced and naive. He evidently started fingering her when they were alone in the house, and she was unsure how to stop him. Next he had her ******** and bent over the back of the sofa and he proceeded to initiate her into *******.
She must have enjoyed it ( although she denies this ) because she returned to his house on numerous occasions for more !!!

That story made me hard, thinking about someone fingering your wife

had a very similar experience

Interesting doctor, was he hard when he got up to leave? Better story than normal reality I've experienced with my wife. Pls add me as a friend, so I can check her out properly.


I'd love to have seen that!


WOW! Would love to hear more? That was odd. I never had an exam like that. But I have never had a boy with me at a gyno visit.


Sometimes it is good to be the doctor.

Excellent story. You say she was still a virgin? Or just that you had not done the deed? It doesn't matter really, you just had me curious that you had not gone beyond foreplay at that point. You must be a very gentle and respectful man. I applaud you. I will also read more of your stories, I like your writing

That is an interesting method. Do they teach it at med school??? If only the gynaecologist could have left the room and left you to it!

a similar story is what made me first realize how much I enjoyed watching others with my wife...if only she were more open to the idea.

that is crazy hot! this story has me rock hard!

A very interesting story. I have never been examined like that. I can only imagine how your girl friend felt.

yes, that was a great story.

That's sure different than any gynecological exam I've ever heard of. lol

Was the doctor male or female?<br />
<br />
But anyway it was a great show to see your wife being fingered infront of your eyes on a table.Great!

So damn hot!! This story made me really horny. I can only imagine how you would have felt at the time it was happening. Was it the start of your sharing fantasies?