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Wife's Exam

When my wife was about to give birth to our first child the doctor we used was a teaching doctor at a medical school. When she was at the hospital about to give birth the doctor would come in to exam her with several of the students in tow.

On time she examined her while my wife was exposed they all took turns putting their fingers in her vagina. Several of the students were young men. I got a raging hardon witching these young men looking at and feeling my wife's vagina.


hammerhead1949 hammerhead1949 61-65, M 2 Responses Jan 24, 2010

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When the wife was pregnant and even when we were trying to get pregnent, I went with her on her exams and was susprised that they didn't ask me to leave the room and also susprised by how turned on I got watched this stranger touch her, seeing her disrobe in front of them, spread her self wide, his probing of her ****, they even did breast exams which seemed to go on a bit longer then needed. Her nipples would get hard and more then was her ***** was dripping when he was done, they never mentioned it though. There was one doctor who was a big handsome guy that I know she was attracted to and he always examed her himself every time, breast exam, cervix, always had a reason to insert his fingers, once alomost his entire hand and seemed to position himself so I would have an uniterupted view. No susprise that usually as soonas we got home she would drag me into the bedroom and the entire time I have no doubt she was thinking of him.........., Now oddly enough she never wanted to accompany me when I'd get a prostate exam.

Very nice experience for you. I remember the doctor coming in and having sudents with him. He asked if I minded the students watching. It was a plesant experience as well.