Phony Doctor Examined My Wife Part 2


(see the notes before part 1)

I think it caught her by surprise, but she'd just finished telling him to go ahead and complete the exam, so after a moment she sort of half rose up on the table and started pulling her panties down. I couldn't see much because of the gown, but knowing that she was going to be totally naked soon didn't help the agitation in my groin.

I watched completely fascinated as she tugged first on one side of the panties and then the other to get them down over her hips. From there it was a quick matter to slip them down her legs and off. She laid them down behind her where her bra was, and he offered to hang them both up with the rest of her clothes. When she didn't say anything, he took them both and hung them in the dressing room.

When he came back she was still sitting up. He told her again to lie back and relax. I don't know if she relaxed, but she did lie down. He pulled out a small linen sheet from under the table, and told her he needed to palpate her tummy. He reach down, took the hem of the gown, and pulled it up all the way up to her breasts while covering her from the waist down with the small sheet.

He stood there looking at her for a moment, and then told her he should probably check the glands under her arms. He asked her if she was ticklish there, and she told him she was a little. He said he'd try to be careful, and lifted the right side of her gown. Of course, her right breast was exposed again while he lifted her arm and pressed his hand along the muscles. She only flinched a little, but it was enough to make her breast jiggle. He didn't pull the gown back down, and when he did her left side, both breasts were exposed, with the nipples still firm and standing out. She flinched even more as he stroked under that arm, and her luscious breasts bobbled around enough to make me swallow hard. When he was finished, he told her everything seemed fine there too. Her breasts were still exposed, but I don't think she even noticed. She had her eyes closed , and the gown was bunched up in a way that would have blocked her view even if she did look.

He told her to relax, and took hold of each of her ankles, moving them apart until her feet were at the outer edges of the table. He began pressing his fingers in various places on her stomach, working his way lower and lower. Every now and then he'd ask if she felt any discomfort when he pressed, and she'd say no, and he press somewhere else. Soon his hands were pressing just above the sheet, and as he went lower, he pushed it down inch by inch. The top of her pubic hair began to show, and then the whole upper part of her pubic mound.

By now he must have seen that she was going to keep her eyes closed no matter what. He knew he didn't have to be careful about where he looked, and his head turned back and forth while he pressed on her, taking in the whole view from her breasts down. Like I said before, maybe this was all legit, but then maybe he was really just a guy testing her little by little, trying to find out how far he could go without her objecting.

I could have told him he had a clear field. I know Dianne. Once she decided to go ahead with the exam, she wouldn't let herself think anything else but that everything he did was normal and necessary. For that matter, she was probably trying to think about anything she could except the exam.

Anyhow, her not saying anything when he uncovered the top of her vagina probably gave him all the encouragement he needed. He continued to press all around the upper part of her pubic mound with one hand, letting the other rest lightly on the sheet between her thighs. Little by little the pressure from that hand caused the sheet to slip further down her legs until her whole sweet vagina came into view.

I doubt if she could even tell the sheet was moving, with his other hand pressing on her lower tummy, but I wasn't thinking about that. I was too busy trying to sort out how I felt, watching another man expose Dianne's vagina, with his hands only inches away from it. I knew he could see every detail, from the dark pink outer lips to the way her hair curled around the little knob that covered her ****. And her legs were open enough so he could see all the way down to the back where the cheeks of her bottom began.

He finally stopped pressing, told her there were just a couple more things he needed to check, and pulled the linen sheet off of her. Now she was naked from her feet to her breasts. She looked fantastic laying there, and I'm sure he agreed. He certainly took his time walking to the end of the table, and his eyes never left her. He bent down and I heard a clank as he pulled a pair of stirrups into place. I got even harder knowing what was coming next.

He told her to move down on the table until her legs were hanging off theend. She did it, with her breasts jiggling enticingly the whole way. Then he told her to relax while he put her feet in the stirrups. He took her left foot, pushed back so her leg would bend at the knee, and put it into the
stirrup. The way the table was aimed I had a perfect view, and so did he. Of course the view go even better when he put her right foot in the other
stirrup. She still had her knees sort of together, but she couldn't do much to hide her sweet furry mound.

He stood back a moment, looking at her, and then went over to the counter. He came back with latex gloves and some lubricant. He put the gloves on, and told her he was going to do a simple pelvic. With that, he put his hands on her knees and pushed them open. And there was Dianne, spread completely open for him, her vaginal lips showing through her soft pubic hair. I got so hard I could hardly stand it. And when he touched her, my heart started pounding like I'd run a race or something.

He put his hands on either side of her vagina, and slowly spread her dark pink lips apart. He ran his fingers up and down, opening her slightly, and then put some lubricant on the fingers of his right hand. Using the fingers on his left hand to open her vaginal lips up, he put his right index finger up inside her and moved it around, exploring her. After a bit he brought his finger out, bent over so his head wasn't more than a foot away from her open vagina, and put two fingers in. He moved both fingers around, literally finger f**king her, and I could see the sweet moisture spread to her outer lips as his fingers probed and turned inside her.

Lying back the way she was, I know she couldn't see him as he moved his head even closer to her, but I could. He kept leaning in between her legs until his face couldn't have been more than an inch or two away from her vagina as he spread his fingers, moving from side to side, opening her moist lips wider and wider.  Maybe it only lasted a minute or two, but it felt like a long time before he leaned back and told her he was finished, and that everything seemed fine. He lifted her feet out of the stirrups, letting them dangle over the end of the table. He pulled her gown back down and asked her to sit up. When she did, he told her she could step down from the table.

I think she thought she was finished. I know she probably hoped she was finished, but he said he had one more check to make. I could tell she guessed what was coming, because she kind of closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them she was looking down at the floor and not at him. He told her to face the table, step back a bit from it and lean down with her head and chest on the table. I could see her hesitate, and then I heard him tell her to relax, and that it wouldn't take long.

She bent over part of the way, until the open-backed gown began to slide open. That stopped her for a moment, but then she went ahead and finished it, leaning forward onto the table, exposing her bottom completely. And as if that wasn't enough, he told her to put her feet shoulder width apart. She moved her feet a little, but I think she must have been embarrassed to open up as much as he wanted. He let her stand there for a moment and then told her again to please relax and move her feet wider.  She finally did it, with her feet winding up even farther apart than shoulder width.

Talk about fantastic views! Her bottom cheeks opened up, and the whole length of her vagina was spread out in front of him. He sat down on his stool, and used both hands to cup each of her  cheeks. Then, with his head only inches away, he spread her open. He held her like that for a while, and then shifted his hands so that one was holding her cheeks apart while he put a finger in her with the other. She kind of gasped, and I think that stopped him from going in very deep. He moved his finger around in a kind of circle, but in and out too. Of course, with all that pressure, her vaginal lips opened up and I could tell even from where I was that he was looking up inside her open vagina while he probed her with his fingers.

Finally, he said he was finished. He stood up, pulled the gloves off and told her everything was fine as far as he could tell. He told her she could get dressed, and turned away to walk over to the counter again. When she came out, he made some small talk about hoping she got the job, and they each said goodbye. By the time she came back into the waiting room, I was back in the first chair I'd sat in, hoping to hell my hard-on had calmed down enough so she wouldn't notice. I guess she didn't, because she didn't say anything about it, or the exam either. When I asked how it went, she just said it was okay, and I let it drop at that.

By the way, she never did get that job, so I never had a chance to go back and ask around a little to see if he was really who he said he was. Which means I guess I'll never know for sure, but I think you can guess what I'd bet on.

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4 Responses Jan 31, 2010

thanks for a great story and no i think he was an impster
i took my wife to our indian doctor for a breast check up
what a fuking turn on,
im trying to find a guy to impersonate a gyno doctor and
examing my wife without letting on to her that he,s not a real gyno doctor a couple of guys have offered thair services but to date thay have not taken me up on it
anyway thankyou for a great **** hardening read
david storm

plus for a job medical im afraid its only med history blood pressure and a listen to the chest and lungs no stripping naked infact no taking anything off no finger ******* etc so mate yes you and your wife where dupped in to letting a complete stranger finger **** your wife

Nicely done, takefx! Thanks for contributing!

This was a very interesting story. thank you for sharing it with us.

great story though!