My Wife And The Xray Tech Guy

The other story I’ve posted, Phony Doctor, is fiction. But this one is true. It happened while my wife was traveling. She turned her ankle and had to go to the emergency room for xrays. In those days we were using Messenger to keep in touch and when she told me what happened, I thought it was so hot, I kept the conversation.  It is hard to come up with situations in day to day life that let you play as you want, so we consider ourselves lucky to have had this one. There was no touching, but oh, the view….

(btw...just notice that smiley faces translate as "J" here)


Here is our converstation. I am almost embarrassed with how enthused I was, but then she had some things to be embarrassed about too, so fair is fair I will let you hear both of us. She is W and I am M.


W: It was very painful by the time I got to the xray room ...but you made me smile. I had to lay on my back on the table ... with my knees bent so that my foot was flat on the table. And then he told me to move my other foot away ... actually said move your legs further apart ...

M: I'm getting a bit..firm listening to you. They did not have you wear a gown or something? just stay in your skirt?

W: Yes my skirt ... and he was in a little partitioned place with a window at the foot of the bed ..He had to have seen between my legs ... my panties .. but that's not all ...

M: Beautiful!

W: At that point the fun of it ..thinking I would certainly have something to tell you ... made the whole experience better ...both legs were bent at the knee ... my good one ..the right one ... had to be away from the other so I had to spread my legs .... even then he would see my sheer panties between my legs ...

M:Don't be demure my love..tell me every detail of what you think he saw...what kind of panties you had on...what showed..for how long...let me lust for it darling..

W:  J... Very appropriately, I was wearing the blue sheer ones ... the new ones ... just imagine how it would be ..laying on my back ... both knees bent so that my feet were flat on the bed ... and then moving my legs further and further apart ....

M: Wonderful !

W: And then for the second pic, he would have seen more ...because laying there with my good leg bent at the knee and to the right of my body ... I had to twist at the waist to make it work .... but he would have seen more .. a wider view ... because my legs were further apart that way

M: oh honey...did you think it? did you say to yourself "he is looking at my *****..through my panties"?

W: Yes. ... I was thinking that .... thinking you were going to enjoy hearing about this ....and then for the last pic.,, my right leg bent at the knee with my foot flat on the bed .... and my left leg bent at the knee but sort of laying on the bed so that foot was at right angles to my right leg .... … honey .. at that point my knees were about as far apart as they could get ..... feeling rather sexual in a situation that had become very intolerable up to that point ..

M: So wide open..totally..not a sliver of your panties in the dark...but your whole wide open panty crotch showing.all the way up to the waistband?...delicious....wonderful...

W: Not necessarily to the waist band ... my skirt was at my hips .... but from where he was standing he would see everything under it ..

M: Did he "help" you get in position...stand near your feet and adjust them ?

W: J... He stood at the foot of the bed ... telling me how to place them ... saying ' a little futher apart ' ... then 'perfect" ... J...

M: Oh honey...was he looking right at you...right up your skirt....while looking at your ankle...could you tell?

W: He was far enough back that he could easily look under my skirt while his gaze appeared to be on my foot ... you know how much can be seen when you lay on the bed with your knees bent and you legs apart ....and sheer panties ..

M: Did you think he might be making the pose better and better for well as for a good xray? Did you feel he was extending his lucky opportunity?

M: I think he was enjoying it ... although still being professional enough to be appropriate ... at least so that I would think so ....

M: I love to hear it in your words....

W: I don't know if it was entirely necessary to move my feet further apart at the beginning ... and then later for the other poses, I was very accommodating .... moved them wide enough apart without much coaching ..

M: Yes.. my beautiful wife....opening wide for him .... giving him more than he could have hoped for.

W: Yes ... honey .... I did make the most of his requests ....if he said wider, I moved them wider than I would have thought necessary ... I knew he would see my panties ....I knew he would see through my panties ...

M: Tell me..were they ways you could have been more modest?

W:  Yes ... definitely ways I could have been more modest .... couldn't have been completely modest considering I was wearing a skirt ... but I optimized the opportunities.

M: What I mean is, could he tell you were being very cooperative? J

W: He must have thought that or else that I had no modesty ... but ... I think it would have seemed cooperative ... because at times .... when first getting on the table .. and in and out of the wheel chair ...I attempted to keep my skirt from going too high ...

M: Wonderful...modest, then tease, then open...tell me what you think he saw through your panties...

W: When he was standing close .. beside my hips at the beginning ... he probably could have seen my pubic hair ...and then he moved further down .... so that he would get a better view between my legs ..

M: Yes...tell to hear your words...what he detail.

W: He wouldn't have seen as much as if I was naked ... because you know even sheer panties are lined at the crotch .... but he would have been so very close to each side of my panties there ... and then he would have seen clearly where the lining ended and they were sheer again at the back of that ....he would have seen the cleft between my cheeks ..

M: So hot!..You showed him your pubic hair and your bottom...the dividing of your cheeks..the bottom of your *****...

W: Honey ... he would have seen as much as is possible to see under my skirt with panties on ... the only way he would have seen more would have been if I'd had no panties on ..

M: And you let him look at long as he wanted to..from as close as he wanted..  and we can always hope your panties got a bit twisted....showed a bit of lip at the outer edge J

W:  Normally if I'd had to do that with a skirt on, I would close my legs as soon as was possible ... but I didn't ... I stayed in each position until he asked for the next one.

M: And I bet he hung around down at the end of the table...always looking...politely enjoying..

W: I think so. Just adjusting the camera above the bed .. but standing where he would see most ... and moving to get different views .. and of course the lights were bright ... overhead .... so no shadows ... clear view ..

M: I know you felt proud and sexy...

W: Yes ... I felt miserable up to that point ... but .... that helped so much ...

M: I love you..and how you know how to please me....

W: He had to xray a man's foot after me .... the man was back out much more quickly .. J

M): made a bad situation become one of our best games...

M: Is it normal to have a woman keep her street clothes on for xray ...when she is wearing a skirt?

W:  I think so ... at least when you go to emergency ... for other scheduled xrays ... for tests, it is not normal ..

W: He probably didn't realize I was wearing a skirt until I stood up to get on the table ....

M: If his eyes could have lit up I be they would have J

W: He was very kind ... considerate ... J..told me to take my time ...

M: I'll bet *s*. By the way, did the doctor take his opportunity to look up your skirt too?

W: He may have ... was in a 'shoe salesman position' .. I wasn't really thinking of it then ... just wanted him to make it stop hurting ... but actually he was touching and moving it and making it hurt more ... so wasn't thinking of exposing ... although now I think of it, he would have seen up under my skirt also .. if he wanted to look ... just not sure if he did or not ...... bending the knees exposed more .... especially when my legs were spread apart ... further ....

M: Oh...I think you can rest assured he looked. But we know for sure about the xray tech.

I love it that you opened wider than he asked....could you tell if he..was pleased by that?

W: not really ... except that he said 'perfect' ... then 'excellent" ... J

M: I agree with him.. excellent. Just thinking now..what if you had forgotten to put panties on .....would you have done the same for me? Knowing what I would want?

W: Probably .. I would have done as you asked ... would have been more hesitant ... but ... would have done it ... as something that was required because you would want it ..

M: Knowing that when your legs opened your labia would part slightly? Knowing he would see the sweet pink inner lips...?

W: I might have felt obligate to apologize to him for not wearing any J... because would seem very bold .... even saying anything to him about it would draw his attention to it more ..

M: Listening..

W: If I had not had panties on, I think I would have blushingly told he I was sorry for the view ..but just had not thought to put any on ....

M: But..if you said something..he might have felt obligated to offer a sheet for modesty...and you would not want that. You might have to decline and that would be even more embarrassing?

W: That could be true ... or maybe he would just say that was o.k. .. he didn't mind??

M: Oh honey....that is so hot....would you say that..would you say "sorry for the view"? so you opened your legs for him..

W: Well ... what else could I say ?? .. JI think that the way I was feeling last night, I either would have just done what he said and hoped he didn't notice I had no panties on ... *s* .... or I would have said just what I said above ... I know I would not have said “could I have a blanket please, since I am wearing no panties"

 M: Feel it if you can.. feel yourself with your legs the way they were last night...but no panties...feel it and see it...

W: I know I would have apologized for the view... blushing and smiling while I said it ..

M: So think of you saying that..blushing...and then...oh honey..then what?

W: Then I would have waited for the next pose he would ask for ...

M: For me. Thank you love.

W: If not for you  I would spread my legs the minimum amount necessary ... but because of you, I would give him extra ..

M: So hot.

W: Besides I was on those pain drugs .. J... so would have done what is natural to me ... when he asked me to spread my legs further apart, I would have done it ... hearing your voice in my ear .... encouraging ... telling me to show him .... to give him a gift from you.

M: My woman…

W: When you ask me to do something, I do it ...wearing panties or not .... I would have heard you asking through him ... I could not have said no ... could not have done anything except obey ..

M: Oh hot.....the word "obey" is a very sexual one..

W: Perhaps sexual in this context ... but so very true ... I would not have questioned ...

And with no panties, I would have been totally exposed to him .... he would have seen my naked ***** it is, he saw a lot .... he saw the shape of my ***** ... the form shows through the panties ...


We continued to talk, and of course you can guess how hot things were when we finally go back together again, re-sharing the memories of this lucky event.  But this is already very long so I will end it.

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