Rural Doctor

Once my wife and I went to visit her grandmother who lived in the village. It was a very small village. There were only 50 or 70 houses. And to reach the nearest town, you had to go more than an hour. On the fifth day, my wife complained of severe abdominal pain. I am very scared. My wife really looked very sick. We quickly got dressed and went to a local doctor.  He lived and received patients in his own home. When we entered, we saw an elderly man with a red face, who fed the chickens near the barn. "What do you want?" - He asked and looked angrily at us. It was evident that we are distracted him from his work. We explained to him the purpose of our visit.  He then invited us into his office, which was a small room in which there were only a table, chair and couch. He washed his hands, put on a rumpled white coat and sat down on a chair. He asked a few short questions and then asked my wife to undress to the waist. My wife was dressed in a light summer dress. She took off her dress and remained only in bra and panties. The doctor looked at her with annoyance and said: "When I say undress to the waist, bra must be removed too."  My wife looked at the angry doctor, like a rabbit on the boa, quickly took off her bra and hid it behind her back. The doctor could see the soft breast of my wife with big pink nipples.The doctor took a stethoscope and began to listen her heart and lungs. At this time the door opened and in walked an old man with a cigarette in his mouth. "How are you ..." he began to speak. Then he saw my wife, who sat on the couch with a bare chest. The old man froze as if it was struck by lightning. "Come out and wait. Do not you see that I have a patient" the doctor said. When the old man left, the doctor told my wife to lie on the couch. Wife went to couch and covered her chest with her dress. The doctor began to palpate her abdomen. "I do not see any problems with your stomach" finally the doctor said. "Perhaps you suffer from female disease ... When you visited a gynecologist for the last time? Although it does not matter ... because you're here, I'll check you up." He got up, walked over to the table and pulled out of the box latex gloves. "Take off your pants" he said angrily. My wife blushed like a tomato. 'Take it off, do not be shy" he continued. "Every day I see these things. When menstruating?" " I have been menstruating" squeaked wife "week ago".  I got a shock. Where is the old village doctor can see these things? In the village live only elderly lady. I saw no one under the age of sixty years. Meantime, my wife reluctantly undressed below the waist. The doctor walked over to her and said: " Well ... now bend your knees and open wide your legs. Well ... even more ... so I could see". My wife opened her legs. The doctor looked over his spectacles at her *****, opened her lips with one hand and put his finger into her vagina. Wife moaned. She was unpleasant and a little painful. I am so excited that I went out into the fresh air and eagerly lit a cigarette. There stood the old man who so suddenly saw my wife's bare chest. He smoked and looked slyly at me. A few minutes later came the doctor. His face was no longer angry. He no longer looked like a man who prevented the feeding chickens. "I checked your wife through the vagina" he said. "She has no gynecological disorders. Good healthy vagina of young woman. Yes. But nevertheless, I advise you to go to near town and show your wife to a surgeon."

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why the fck did you leave at the most interesting part for.???.....and no way should you have left her alone feeling vunrable while this doc you never met befor in your life finger ******
your most presouse wife

I hope your wife was OK. This story is very exciting,what did your wife say later on,did she wonder who the first man was, do you still talk about this with her?

I am curious. What did the surgeon find? Hope it was not serious.