Watching Wife Do Photoshoot Right Now!

I am watching my wife do a sexy photoshoot right now. As mentioned in the previous post, we discussed this at length if we were ok with her doing it. We finally decided to go ahead. This afternoon, I went to buy some **** clothes for her. Lounge dress backless and deep cleavage. Tiger stripe halter neck backless. Super short shorts. Man... getting a stiff **** already.

The photoshoot started around 7pm at an industrial area.
The first outfit was the sexy longe dress. She was posing and bending down, and I spotted a nipple slip! Wow!!! Never thought that would happen!!

Next we moved on the more revealing halter neck tops. Those were quite boring. I realise loose clothes are much more fun than tight ones. 

I popped out to buy some food for dinner, they moved on to topless. Right now, she is wearing a g-string bottom and a blue top with no bra. Her g string is white colour and crotchless, with a cute feather hiding her lady bits. Her breasts sometimes spill out when shes bending low as her top is very loose. She is definitely getting more into it already. Not that self conscious any more.

While reviewing the photos, some of them show the nipples shyly peeping out... Ultimate sexy!

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I had a similar experience with my wife who was very attractive and was from Peru and did not speak much English. She understood what I wanted as well as the photographer. He had done some very impressive work for several skin mags so I knew he could do the job. I was not sure how far my wife would go, even though she knew that I wanted complete nude. I told her that once she got comfortable with the photographer she would relax. She decided that four or five drinks would be better and I had seen her exhibit some skin and even let a guy in a bar run his hand up her dress to her panties after getting drunk one night.

So we got some drinks and had a bag of sexy things to wear and she was ready to go..but still a little nervous. We talked with the guy for a while and he showed her several portfolios that he had done. Some were racier than others but all ended in nude, just in different styles. He had her first put on a short slip dress and with a sexy matching bra/panty set. High heels and no nylons. She came out and he motioned for her to turn around so he could see the complete outfit and she did a spin that had her panties in plain view. He could also now tell that she was a natural brunette as her panties were very sheer and she only shaved the bottom half of her *****.

That seemed to break the ice and she went though a series of poses showing more leg and cleavage and I could tell she was getting turned on by all of the attention. He would ask her to pull her dress up more and she did not understand him so he would go and make the adjustments, he also got a lot of skin feels on her upper thighs and he folded her bra cup in half to make it a demi-bra and got to play with her ****. She saw that I was cool with this and the alcohol had really set in so she pulled her dress up above her waist the next time he asked and he first said not that high but had to go adjust her dress down to the point where you could see an up-skirt view of her complete thighs and when he did this he brushed his hand down her panties feeling her ***** without any resistance from my wife.

She then made a few clothing changes into a see -thru teddy and lowered her straps to see her nipples and opened her legs to see her panties and I noticed that her ***** lips, which were quite visible, had opened up to where you could see a nice pink slit about 1/2 inch wide. I noticed the guy had a hard on that was similar to mine and so did my wife. She continued to reveal more with her top fully down showing her incredible **** and her nipples had grown. He commented on that I told him that when I played with them they got twice as big and he asked me if it was ok for him to stimulate them to get this effect and I said sure. He took an ice cube and rolled it around on her nipples and was always twisting one and icing the other. My wife began to breath heavy as she was really getting hot. He went to take her panties off and she lifted up her butt to signal approval.

She saw how wet and open her ***** had become and blushed a little putting her finger on her slit but her touch just made her more hot and she ran her finger slowly to the top of her ****. He asked her to put two fingers in her ***** but she did not understand so he took her hand , as well as his, and put first two of his fingers into her that went in like warm butter and then took her hand and pushed two of hers inside her for more shots. She was striking different poses all of which were variations of her hand ******* her soaking wet *****. She was now extremely into this and did not need much more instructions.

He stopped shooting pictures but she kept finger banging while looking very suggestive and our hard-ons. Mine was soon in my hands and ******* off my **** and he motioned me to see if she would suck it for some more pictures. She did not waste any time giving me a deep blow job and I came in her mouth in about 30 seconds and she swallowed every drop. That finished the shoot and we started to get dressed. I went to the bathroom and could see them from the mirror and he was giving her a hard finger bang and she humped his hand and felt his **** though his pants. When I flushed the toilet they stopped and she got dressed.

He said it was a really great shoot and he might want her to come back and re-do a few after they were developed so the sequence would be correct. She was more than fine with that and three days later he called and said he needed to re shoot about 15 photos and could I come by with her. I had a meeting that day but could drop her off and be back in an hour. They were both fine with that.

I came back in about 1 1/2 hours and she was in the bathroom getting dressed having heard me pull up. The photographer was very happy and said that I would love the pics that would be ready in a week. In the car my wife was on fire and I put my hand inside her panties and she was really wet and her ***** was opened a lot farther than before. We ****** about five times a day for the next week.

The photos came in the mail and were incredible. She was so sexy and could easily been in any magazine. In the last few shots where she was essentially nude I noticed that her ***** was opened more and I also noticed a drop of *** in her hair and one on her chin. I replayed our ******* scene and was sure that she got every drop on her mouth. Probably an oversight to anyone but me. So later that night when we were ******* I showed her the picture of the mystery *** and she was so charged up to **** that she simply told me that the re-shoot she was at the naked part where she would play with her ***** and he put three fingers inside her and pumped her into a daze. Before she knew it he had his **** in her and it felt great and she wanted to be ****** real bad so she just let him continue. She pulled him out as he was going to *** and went for her mouth. The first spasm went from her chin and face and she swallowed the rest. No one but me saw the single glob in her hair.

She asked me if I was upset and that he had already done everything else in front of me so what more would that make. I agreed and I pumped a huge load of *** inside her hot ***** and did not lose my erection and came again 20 minutes later.

I later called him and asked why he did not send a bill and he just said he would do it again anytime for free if I just send her over. I asked her if she wanted to go **** him again and she sternly said no. Later that night when I was ******* her like a mad dog I asked her again if she would like some more of his **** in her. She moaned yeeeees and said I think you are beginning to figure out when to ask me for something!

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sounds like you and your wife are really enjoying this diversion. good work.

so you are going to post them soon aren't you? Bill in Va.