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Watching Wife Do Photoshoot Right Now!

I am watching my wife do a sexy photoshoot right now. As mentioned in the previous post, we discussed this at length if we were ok with her doing it. We finally decided to go ahead. This afternoon, I went to buy some **** clothes for her. Lounge dress backless and deep cleavage. Tiger stripe halter neck backless. Super short shorts. Man... getting a stiff **** already.

The photoshoot started around 7pm at an industrial area.
The first outfit was the sexy longe dress. She was posing and bending down, and I spotted a nipple slip! Wow!!! Never thought that would happen!!

Next we moved on the more revealing halter neck tops. Those were quite boring. I realise loose clothes are much more fun than tight ones. 

I popped out to buy some food for dinner, they moved on to topless. Right now, she is wearing a g-string bottom and a blue top with no bra. Her g string is white colour and crotchless, with a cute feather hiding her lady bits. Her breasts sometimes spill out when shes bending low as her top is very loose. She is definitely getting more into it already. Not that self conscious any more.

While reviewing the photos, some of them show the nipples shyly peeping out... Ultimate sexy!

shitmanwife shitmanwife 26-30, M 4 Responses Jun 22, 2010

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want another shoot i am up for anything I am a pro photographer in the uk, <br />
heres some of my images, get in touch and i can show you many more and my real website, prove i am me<br />

sounds like you and your wife are really enjoying this diversion. good work.

Sounds great!!

so you are going to post them soon aren't you? Bill in Va.