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About 18 months ago i asked my wife whether she would be prepared to have a underwear/nude photo shoot done, well after a lot of thought she agreed, i was on a mission then to find someone to do it as she didn't want anyone to local to us.  Eventually i found a guy about 1/2 hour away who was willing to do this.  We arrived at his house and she was very nervous despite the two glasses of wine on route, he first asked her to put on some underwear of her choice and he proceeded to take studio type photos of her, then he got her to change and he did another set of pictures but towards the end of this set he got her to remove her bra and he took some pictures with her covering her breasts with her hands then got her to remove them and then took numerous topless pics, he was very good at what he was doing as his intention was to gradually relax her, which was working.  We then moved onto shots around the house, again getting her topless but also getting her to remove her knickers, same senario again first with hands covering herself then removed, but she did have her legs closed.  The last group of pics he did in the bedroom, and it nearly blew me away, again she was wearing underwear and he got her doing a very slow ***** taking loads of photos at each stage. By the end she was lying on the bed naked with her hands covering her *****, then he asked if she would mind taking her hands away and she agreed, she was now naked with her legs parted with some guy we had meet only a couple of hours ago taking pictures of her open *****, it was one of the most horny and exciting things i have seen, she said that it made her very wet as well, we couldn't wait to get home and **** talking about the experience.  We now have somewhere in the region of 500-600 pictures of her and still regularly look at them.  I'm hoping that this summer she will go back again for another session, she hasn't ruled it out yet!!  Anyone else done anything similar, would love to hear from you. 

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It is, without doubt, one of the horniest experiences of my life. We'll swap and compare with other couples only.

Can it see the pictures?

I would love to provide this service in Minnesota.

We have talked about it and I think your experience my have just sped up the process.

I'd love it if my wife would pose for some good quality photos before we get too old. She's more than reluctant, but it is my number one item on our bucket list.

Yes I do this with my girl, very exciting!

My wife has modeled nude on many occasions. She says that at first she feels humiliated with the exposure because she does not feel she is pretty enough to be a model, but every photographer that has taken pictures of her really appreciated her willingness to work with them to produce some outstanding pictures. I have a great time watching her disrobe in front of someone she has met that day and sometimes we do not even know his last name and he doesn’t know ours.

I would love to give you my professional opinion of the pics ;-) well if not professional, then at least as a horny man.

can i see the pics?

On my 50th birhday my wife presented me with a photo album containing pics of her , taken by professional. Wow it blew my mind and the pictures are stunning. My mind often goes wild thinking about what actually happened.<br />
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fantastic gift

We are couple husband & wife, would be able to provide this service to anyone in Santa Clara County, CA at your own preferences.

Beautiful! I am an erotic photographer myself, and I find it to be a wonderful experience when I either photograph a wife with her husband present, or photograph the couple together. I like to think that capturing these kinds of images for a couple will help them to re-experience the excitement of the moment over and over again over the years to come.<br />
If anyone in Southern California is interested (or visiting SoCal), get in touch with me and let's see if we can work something out. I have references I can provide.

I would be able to provide this service to anyone in Ventura County.

We haven't done it yet but I would and so would Roxy. I'm glad you enjoyed it together.

great story

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

What a great story, thanks for sharing it. A follow up session sounds great, perhaps she will be more open and relaxed, that will make the photos that much better. If her face shows that she is enjoying the experience, the shots will be so much better than even the first experience. Consider some outdoor nudes if you can find a setting in which she will be comfortable. <br />
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I've been photographed nude by a couple of pros and I enjoyed the experience and the photos. It is nice to look back on them and select the best ones and to share those that I am comfortable showing to others.<br />
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Have you considered posing with her? Either clothed or nude, there might be a few great shots to be had. It could be sexual or not, she might like having you in the photos with her.

I would love to have professional photos of myself done. I would want my husband to suggest it, though.

This is the one thing I wish my wife would surprise me with.