Chefs Surprise

I have been asking my lovely wife to wear something naughty when we go out for ages. She finally relented and decided on a spangly lacy top that is semi see thru (pic of it in profile). She never wears a bra so you could just vaguely see her nipples through it in normal light. She was very self conscious at first but was fine when she realised that it wasn't that blatent in low light.

We went to a carvery restaurant in a local pub and it was quite low light in there so she was happy enough to remove her jacket and sit there with her sexy spangly top on as only i could really tell it was see thru.

We went up to get our food carved and they had these lights there that keep the vegetables warm. These lights are very bright and shine down on the food. They also shined out enough to light my sweet sexy wifes top and the effect was incredible, it made it totally transparent. It was like she was stood there topless.

The chef's face carving the meat was a picture, he was drinking in her perfect **** and long nipples. He offered her 3 types of meat and took his time carving it. I was enjoying him looking at her nipples i purposely took a long time making up my mind about what to get.We sat back down and i told her what had happened and she giggled and said she hoped she got an extra portion of meat. I laughed and was so pleased she didn't mind that he had seen her ****.

After we had eaten the meal the chef made a point of coming to our table to ask if we enjoyed the meal and offer us the menu for the afters. He suggested they had some hot puddings and invited us up to look at them. I said to her to go on her own as I didnt want one, plus I knew the chef wanted another look at her boobs. She giggled and said ok and followed the chef up to the food area. He showed her the puddings and she stood where the lights were totally on her ****. She chatted to him for a while, from the back you couldn't see anything but i knew from the front her boobs were totally exposed. and she knew it and was enjoying teasing him. Another guy got up and went to the food counter and i saw him do a double take as he also copped a side view of her boobs. My wife must have let him go first as she waited patiently while he got his food, her boobs bathed in the light. Eventually the guy reluctantly went back to his table and my wife got her pudding. She said the chef gave her a large helping and said to her what a pretty top she had on. She'd giggled and said thanks.

She said after it was a turn on teasing but wouldn't have felt comfortable if another woman had seen her, she'd be worried that the other woman would think her a tart, but it was ok to accidentally show a guy or two :-)
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Great story - love your wife's attitude, and her hot body! Wish you still had a photo of her wearing that top, and not wearing it! ;)

Great story!

luv the story, can't wait for the wife to wear her new shear top. please add me as a friend.